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  • Private Sector And Mental Health Services

    emergencies, mass casualties...” (Phillips, Neal, & Webb, 2012, p. 21). On top of that, the CDC helps with the training and equipping emergency response teams; in other words, the CDC plays a vital role in the medical response. 2) Give a high level summary of the evolution of emergency management, including what one thing you think is most significant. Early years and prior to 50 years ago, there was no significant emergency management. The federal government did provide some financial assistance to fires and flooding, but nothing momentous. It wasn’t until the early 1950s when the Civil Defense became a huge focus. Civil defense became a huge deal because of the Cold War. With the United States and Russia going at each other and threatening to use nuclear bombs, the Federal government had to help prepare its’ citizens. The goal for the Federal Civil Defense Agency (and the following Civil Defense offices) was to “...lead and coordinate efforts to protect residents from chemical and nuclear war...” (Phillips, Neal, & Webb, 2012, p. 6). While the Federal government focused on protecting the residents from Nuclear/Chemical war, they didn’t have much to do with natural disasters. After a major Midwest Flood in 1950 Congress passed the Disaster Relief Act. Basically, it allowed the Federal government to become involved without prior approval from congress. In other words, it allows for a speedier federal response to disasters. Finally, in the late 1970s, President Jimmy…

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  • Analysis Of One Nation Underground

    types of civil defense that needed to take place during this time were very controversial. Nuclear warfare sparked…

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  • Duck And Cover: The Power Of Propaganda In The Cold War

    The next year, FCDA produced Duck and Cover. The film exemplified the way the FCDA, the government, and educators handled civil defense, particularly for children. The video instructed individuals to “duck and cover” during an air raid. In order to appeal to the young, the film included a cartoon character named Bert the turtle. In schools, “changes came in the form of civil defense drills, new identification programs for schoolchildren, innovations in school architecture, new emphasis on…

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  • Nursing Roles Of Franklin County Emergency Management And Emergency Illness

    In the event of a tornado, there are 195 warning sirens throughout the area that can be activated to warn hundreds of thousands of citizens within seconds (Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security, n.d-a). Another communication system, Alert Franklin County, is a modern mass notification and warning system that officials can use to alert citizens to emergencies such as severe weather, dam failure, terrorism, hazardous material spills, aircraft accidents, civil disturbance, and…

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  • Alas Babylon Analysis

    Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon has more meaning than just a title of a random book. Randy and Mark Bragg, brothers, knew a nuclear war was coming but did not want anyone to know about it. Mark lived in Omaha while Randy lived in Florida. They would communicate back and forth to each other, via telephone or telegram, and “Alas Babylon” was their codename (Frank 14). Codename was a warning for a nuclear war was coming and if it were to spread to the family, they would all freak out. Alas, Babylon had…

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  • Emergency Evacuation Essay

    important to have multiple plans and to be ready for anything. In your office even if it was dark you should know where everything goes, the setup should give you a better advantage if anything was to get out of control. While sitting at the desk your back should not be facing a window or behind a door. Having several mace in your office wouldn’t hurt, just use it wisely. Now in that very moment pressing the panic button if possible, giving the patient what he or she wants would be the best…

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  • The Clan Of One Breasted Woman Analysis

    such as,”…after my mother’s death from cancer, my father and I were having dinner together”(312). She tells emotional stories to reach into the “feisty feminist “woman in her targeted audience and show them she is just like them. On page 315 she states, “I listened, observed, and quietly formed my opinions within a culture that rarely asked questions because they had all the answers”(315). While talking about the court cases being over thrown she also uses this language when she says,” What…

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  • Disaster Preparedness In Homeland Security

    Introduction This paper will review the disaster preparedness for public housing in Homeland security. Disasters happen all the time, but it comes down to if you are prepared for what is to come, and after the disaster. Through the research it was found that a lot of communities, especially poorer communities like the housing projects are not at all prepared for disasters. A recent policy just got passed that has communities coming together to learn about disasters, and how to be prepared…

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  • Fallout Shelter Analysis Lyrics

    Fallout Shelter (Scott Peters, 1961) In the beginning of the cold war, it seems that some Americans had a sense of confidence about the war, as can be seen in this excerpt from the song; “I’m not scared/I’m prepared/I’ll be spared” (Peters.) Many people purchased fallout shelters as a means of defense against the possible nuclear war they thought Russia would start, they were designed to protect people from nuclear fallout and have enough supplies in them to typically last a few weeks. While the…

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  • Overland Park Case Study

    retirement our current PLA, John Knoll is beginning to become more involved with the hiring process and with human resources, but it is a slow transition. That said our internal attorneys serve more to support outside council on human resources matters rather than be the primary attorney. The police department is not unionized. Therefore, it is not required to have or provide legal representation by contract. The investigators provide the officer the Garrity/Brady warnings, when an internal…

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