Franklin County Emergency Preparedness: A Case Study

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Franklin County emergency preparedness is complex and involves collaborating with many agencies throughout the region and state. Part of that network is the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (FCEM&HS), and at the community level it focuses on training, operations, planning, warning, resources, recovery, and citizen preparedness. Since nurses make up the largest single healthcare group, they can have a significant impact on emergency response and recovery. In this post I will discuss how Franklin County is prepared to respond to a disaster and describe the nursing role in relation to a community disaster.
The role of the registered nurses during a community disaster can be varied depending on the type of disaster and setting. Roles can be traditional or non-traditional. Preparation is essential to optimize knowledge and ability. Understanding an employer’s disaster policies, training with a volunteer organization and taking formal classes will increase the nurse’s capacity to respond. It’s also the nurse’s obligation to know the state law to determine limitations and expansions of practice during a disaster. To volunteer as a responder, it’s better to plan ahead by finding an organization and registering before a disaster
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Assessing and reporting damage is key to recovery operations and takes into account type of damage, extent of loss and impact to the community. The county assessment is a precursor to state and national assessments and helps direct disaster assistance to those areas hit the hardest so that recovery can begin. Recovery program officials coordinates with federal and state agencies to provide assistance to the public and to individuals (Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security,

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