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  • 911 Emergency Medical Service Essay

    There is a certain level of ambiguity that comes with working for a 911 emergency medical service. For as well as I know my protocols, my partner and my equipment, EMS is based on uncertainty. Uncertainty, not just for the individual requesting assistance, but for the crew as well. You see, for every dispatch I receive, I can be sure of only two things: I am going to a location, and there may or may not be a patient there. Her dispatch came in not half-way through my first cup of coffee. “72 year old woman, possible diabetic seizure.” I planned accordingly: Blood glucometer. Dextrose if her sugar is low, and saline to dilute if it’s high. Airway, breathing, circulation. On scene, as I pushed through the crowd of firefighters, I began to…

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  • Emergency Medical Service Essay

    The history of emergency medical services (EMS) dates to the Civil War era. At which time, all military personnel had to be examined by medical officers to qualify for duty and ambulances with trained attendance were assigned to a regiment based on its size (History of EMS, n.d., p. 1). Following the Civil War, the Anglo-American model of care began to evolve in Cincinnati with its first civilian ambulance in 1865 followed by New York City in 1869, it was during this time and ambulance…

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  • Six Principles Of Pressure In Emergency Services

    There are six principles of pressure. One will explain each of the six principles of pressure. Also, state why it is important that the fire and emergency services personnel understand these six principles. The first principle is stating that the water is trying to burst out, therefore, it pushes and applies pressure to all confining contacting walls within a system. Water will behave differently in open containers than in confined spaces of firefighting systems (Sturzenbecker, Adams, &…

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  • 9/11 Narrative Analysis

    The idea of a narrative is to tell a story, the events occurring on the day of September 11, 2001 will provide an opportunity to relay my feelings, moving beyond the initial pure and basic anger at those responsible for such a desperate act. The image shows two emergency responders in the cloud of debris left by the collapse of the Trade Centers and what drew me to this picture is what they must have been talking about. The questions and issues I initially considered included: the loss of life;…

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  • Why Is The Misuse Of Ambulance

    To name a few issues: patients receive delayed care, overstaffing is needed to deal with these issues; people with real emergencies have to wait. It is hard on morale for EMS providers after years of training and education to be regarded as a driver only. And it is an inappropriate use of EMS talent. When an ambulance run is deemed medically unnecessary, the insurance company will not pay for it, stated quite clearly on the Medicare website. Imagine the waste of insurance dollars on ambulance…

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  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Case Study

    Family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been a topic of intense debate within the medical community. Medical professionals have concerns regarding the efficiency of the code process as well as the safety for all parties involved when family is allowed to stay for resuscitation. In contrast, family members desire to remain close to their loved ones, in what may be the last moments of their life. Meeting the psychosocial needs of the patient as well as their family members is at…

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  • A Career For A Nurse

    I had the great opportunity to help with the stitches for the deep laceration to the posterior part of the hand. I got to see how they used lidocaine injections to create various nerve blocks to help numb the area that is to be cleaned and sown up. I learned about the types of knots that were used to secure the stitches and the importance of counting how many sharps there was before and after the procedure. I actually assisted multiple times throughout my four days in the emergency department.…

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  • Tv Show Research Paper

    person to various forms of media. In today’s world, the media provides up to the minute commentary, instant results and access to current events as they unfold anywhere in the world and in real time. There’s something to say about having instant and rapid information, in times of crisis and emergencies,…

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  • Ethical Issues In Emergency Management

    Emergency workers are considered a special breed of humans; they are those who are willing to take extra sacrifices to potentially save the life of a total stranger. While commonly, the monetary reward for those who attempts such feats is miniscule, the act of selfless service is more than reward enough for those who are willing to answer the call. No matter how heroic one might feel the job of an emergency worker is, there is always someone who wants to rain on his or her parade. As quoted in…

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  • Case Study: Olympic Federal Solutions LLC

    Olympic Federal Solutions, LLC. (OFS), is a certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business recognized for its proven ability and expertise as a service provider to local, state and federal companies in need of professional services. In addition, the company has a training, consulting and product component as part of their revenue and growth plan. The need arises from an industry whose sub-contracts as a focus as opposed to focusing and streamlining the process for the services…

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