911 Emergency Medical Service Essay

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There is a certain level of ambiguity that comes with working for a 911 emergency medical service. For as well as I know my protocols, my partner and my equipment, EMS is based on uncertainty. Uncertainty, not just for the individual requesting assistance, but for the crew as well. You see, for every dispatch I receive, I can be sure of only two things: I am going to a location, and there may or may not be a patient there. Her dispatch came in not half-way through my first cup of coffee. “72 year old woman, possible diabetic seizure.” I planned accordingly: Blood glucometer. Dextrose if her sugar is low, and saline to dilute if it’s high. Airway, breathing, circulation. On scene, as I pushed through the crowd of firefighters, I began to …show more content…
Every call was an adventure, every patient a puzzle. There is a type of serenity in this dynamic world. Nothing else mattered when the lights were on and sirens were blaring. McGregor Memorial EMS allowed me to express myself and pursue this fascination, surrounded by like-minded individuals. I rose to the rank of crew chief, placing me in charge of ambulance operations for each scene I went on. I volunteered as an EMT for a year before becoming certified as an Advanced EMT, expanding my treatments to include intravenous and intraosseous access, and a wide variety of medications. I spent 50 clinical hours at Concord Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center, working hand in hand with nurses and doctors. I have now volunteered over 900 hours with McGregor, not only as an EMT but as Co-Chair of the Community Relations committee, promoting Mcgregor’s visibility within the three communities it serves. I am committed to assisting McGregor in any aspect I can, as a my way of saying “thank you” for all that it has allowed me to achieve. Though it was heartbreaking to realize that my drive for skiing was only leading me to a dead end, the EMS community reenergized me, and reminded me of what is most important in this

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