Paramedics: The Importance Of Clinical Decision Making Models

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Most simply, clinical decision making may be defined as the process of choosing between alternatives or options (Thompson & Stapley, 2011) more accurately, clinical decision making is a highly complex process where data is gathered and evaluated, and then a decision, judgment, or intervention is formulated (Pirret, 2007), it comprises of cognitive, intuitive and experiential processes (Pugh, 2002).
This essay will discuss commonly used decision making models and their stages as defined by Elstein et al (1978) and their application to clinical decision making processes. Furthermore, the importance of clinical decision making for healthcare practitioners and paramedics will be explored.
Decision Making Models and Their Application
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The report concluded that in order to provide better care and better results, patients should be given greater opportunity for involvement in the clinical decision making process in relation to their healthcare. (Department of Health 2012). To reinforce this message, only two years previously, Higgs et al (2008) stated that clinical decision making has traditionally involved a process of individual healthcare practitioners making decisions on behalf of …show more content…
Furthermore, in a pre-hospital environment the process of applying knowledge and skills is a key part of a paramedic’s clinical role which often involves a chaotic and unpredictable environment. Throughout their decision making process, paramedics must continuously evaluate and decide the degree to which they are making the correct clinical decisions in relation to a particular patient. (Parson and O’Brien, 2013)
Bledshoe et al (2007) wrote that paramedics are often required to formulate clinical decisions based on a number of options, often independently, and in order to do so, paramedics are required to use their clinical experience and knowledge to formulate a clinical decision focused on patient care. Furthermore, paramedics apply clinical experience and independently formulated decisions as they develop and implement a management

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