The Importance Of Clinical Decision Making

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According to the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC, 2014) nurses make a clinical decision every 30 seconds, or approximately 1500 per shift. What is a clinical decision? The answer to that question varies among the experts and practitioners but the terms clinical judgment, reasoning, and decision making have been used interchangeably in attempt to better articulate the process of clinical decision making (CRNBC, 2014).
Clinical decision making was initially defined by Benner, Tanner, and Chelsa (1996) as deliberate and conscientious, using ones intuition and a holistic approach to directly affect patient outcomes. Tanner later identified clinical decisions as being complex, dynamic decisions that are affected by the decision maker’s knowledge and experiences (2000). Tanner (2005) also disagrees with critical thinking and
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The situated clinical framework it a tool for guiding a nurses decisions, reflecting on the efficacy of that decision, and helping the nurse to understand the processes that ultimately influenced their decision. The situated clinical model fosters the development of nursing knowledge, skill, and confidence. The situated clinical framework is designed with the nurse’s knowing or thinking being central (knowing self, profession, person, case, and patient) surrounded by context. The framework is based on the understanding of a community or practitioners allowing for collaboration and learning fostered by senior members to junior members. Like the CAEN and clinical judgement models of clinical decision-making frameworks, the various components that comprise the clinical decision making model are not linear and static but are dynamic and inform and affect one

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