Yale PA Program Reflection

Please explain how you envision fulfilling our Mission as a graduate of the Program.
The mission of the Yale PA program “is to educate individuals to become outstanding clinicians and to foster leaders who will serve their communities and advance the physician assistant profession.” I have known that I wanted to work in the healthcare profession since I was little. The desire to help and heal people is a fundamental part of my nature. Throughout college, I volunteered at Roosevelt Hospital. Seeing the work of the Physician Assistants in that environment solidified my desire to pursue a career as a PA. The Roosevelt PAs were central to patient care. They, rather than the doctors, were the ones who spoke to patients frequently and in great depth,
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This past summer, I expanded my medical knowledge by becoming a certified EMT. The course showed me a glimpse into parts of hands-on patient care that I was not exposed to in other settings. The program goals “include educating individuals to integrate the clinical data that they obtain from their medical history, physical examination, and laboratory analysis in order to form a differential diagnosis for the patient condition,” rather than simply relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. This corresponds to my own orientation and experience. In my different volunteer experiences, I have seen all different types of patients, and have seen how different approaches work for different patients. The goal of providing the best possible patient care requires flexibility, listening carefully to patients, and working as part of team. I am an excellent listener, care deeply about patients as individuals, and am fully invested in working collaboratively as part of a team. My unique volunteer experiences allow me to think broadly and outside-the box about health care systems in general and patient care in specific. My excellent work ethic, fundamental curiosity, and …show more content…
At times I knew the material well, but was unable to demonstrate my mastery of the material on an exam due to anxiety. Through hard work, I have learned coping mechanisms for my anxiety, and my grades on my post-baccalaureate courses attest to the great progress I have made in this area. In addition, I am severely dyslexic. This too is an innate weakness that I have worked hard to overcome. While I developed into a voracious reader in 6th grade, it has taken longer for me to hone my writing skills. My ability to persevere despite these challenges and to master a rigorous academic program at Smith College, reflect my strong desire to always grow and improve, my ability to face challenges and conquer them, and my drive to succeed—all qualities that will serve me in well in Yale’s PA program. While at Terem, the lead researcher quickly recognized not only my technical abilities and my strong work ethic, but also my desire to grow and learn, and therefore gave me more responsibility than she gave the other interns. But my greatest strength is my passion for helping and healing others. I want to be a PA and help people. Working in health care has been a dream of mine since I was little, and I have found the perfect job in becoming a PA. I am willing to do whatever it

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