Essay On Nursing Experience

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It was a cold Saturday morning back in January, 2012. I remember tucking my scrubs into my socks in a failed effort to prevent them from getting soaked in the slush-coated parking lot. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I rushed through the hallway to make it to huddle. Not even a snowstorm the size of Texas, trapping us all at work for days, could dampen my mood that morning. It was only my second week on the job in the emergency room when not even a half hour into my shift I witnessed my first cardiac arrest. I remember the charge nurse and medical staff moving at a fast pace as they worked meticulously to prep a room for the patient’s arrival. The stretcher came rolling through the door. One paramedic was hovered over the patient, dripping …show more content…
My perception of nursing is more than a profession. It is a lifestyle; one which is both a calling and a mission. It goes beyond conducting procedures, starting IVs, and administering medications. The role of the nurse involves becoming your patient’s advocate. It means serving as a reliable and principled liaison to their recovery, both physically and spiritually. It is about establishing an honest relationship and learning just as much about who that person is, as you do about their health issue. It’s about treating the heroin abuser with the same respect as you would the faultless war veteran amputee or stroke victim. It is about compassion, reassurance, and guidance throughout the process. Nursing is an honorable profession that should be initiated exclusively by those of great altruistic character. As a healthcare worker, what I can do for others, but because of what I have learned about myself through the service of people. The person I am today is a mold from my experiences with other people. While you dedicate yourself to the service of helping others, you never realize how much they are helping you grow. I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life than my decision to become a

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