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  • The Character Of Emilia In Shakespeare's Othello

    described Emilia as once being “silent and obedient” and is hardly noticed throughout the play, until the end, when she is replaced by a “searingly honest character” (Bloom 38). I agree with Bloom, that Emilia’s true character does not emerge until the end of the play. Many have argued that Emilia is as cunning as her husband, and collaborates with Iago to bring about Othello’s downfall. I believe that Emilia is unaware of Iago’s intentions, but rather cooperates with Iago in order to please him and play the role of the obedient wife. Emilia’s true character, a friend who will not tolerate injustice, emerges at the end of the play, when she realizes Iago’s intentions. The first gift that Desdemona ever received from Othello was…

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  • Emilia Is Not An Evil Character In Shakespeare's Othello

    In Othello Emilia is a side character who is often used as a pawn in Iago’s plans, which causes her to do terrible things to Desdemona. When we analyze her character however, we realize that she is not an evil character. We know this because throughout the play she is unaware of Iago’s plan, and she also tries to convince people of her lady’s innocence even if there isn’t any evidence proving that she is loyal. Lastly, when she learns of what she did she told Othello exactly what had happened…

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  • Essay On The Reggio Emilia Approach

    use, including Montessori, Frobel, play based and Reggio Emilia approach. Although all different approaches to childcare they are underpinned by Aistear, the early childhood curriculum framework (NCCA, 2009) and Siolta, (CECDE, 2006) our national quality framework for early childhood education. The Montessori method is based on the teachings of Maria Montessori, she had many principles and areas of interest these included the cultural area based around history, geography, science, arts and…

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  • Reggio Emilia Approach: Video Analysis

    formal education at Sudbury as shown in the video. If I were a parent, I do not think that I would feel comfortable sending my child to that school as it does not appear to really teach anything through a formal setting. From what I could tell there are no required classes, and I feel as if students should be required to learn some certain curricula in elementary, middle, and high school. On the other hand, I can see a positive in how this type of learning can foster creativity and a real…

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  • Cognitive Development: The Reggio Emilia Approach

    Sudbury Valley were pursue their hobbies on a daily basis. I was just confused and was unsure on how this approach prepared kids for real life. The Reggio Emilia Approach is an approach that goes off of Cognitive Development. Cognitive Development refers to mental activity such as how they mind thinks, remembers, and learns. Reggio proves that no matter what we know about the brain we never really know what a child’s brain is capable of. In this video they create projects and reflect on them…

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  • The Regggio Emilia Approach To Early Childhood Education

    Introduction The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education has been called “arguably, the most successful, most extensive and most sustained example of radical or progressive education that has ever been” (Moss, 2016, p. 167). Drawing inspiration from theorists such as Montessori, Dewey, and Piaget, Loris Malaguzzi created a social constructivist approach, which envisioned learning as an active process. Under Reggio Emilia, children are seen as unique and capable individuals who…

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  • Essay On Roderigo And Iago In William Shakespeare's Othello

    Cassio pays the clown to tell Desdemona’s aide Emilia he wishes to speak with her and the clown leaves. Iago enters and tells Cassio he will send for Emilia and find a way to distract Othello while he speaks with her. When Emilia arrives, she tells Cassio Desdemona is defending him to Othello and while Othello still likes him, he cannot reinstate him because of his crime. Cassio asks Emilia to arrange a time where Desdemona and he can speak in private, and Emilia…

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  • Reggio Emilia Theory

    the "hundred languages" of childhood. This is including graphic representations of the children's thoughts and ideas, the verbal, motor, musical, mathematical, ethical, imaginary, cognitive, and moral expressions, to name just a few of the other languages of childhood. Learning in the Reggio Emilia centers is connected with children's real lives. For example, each child has a mailbox, and messages and pictures are exchanged as a natural part of the school day. For younger children, a photo of…

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  • Deception In Catcher In The Rye And Othello

    eventually leading to their downfall (Othello lost his wife and Holden’s mental health deteriorated until he wasn’t emotionally stable). Secondly, Emilia, Iago’s wife was placed in an uncomfortable position where she has to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief, for Iago (unaware of his intentions). Emilia is Desdemona’s closest friend but places her love for Iago above their friendship. This handkerchief is the root of the trouble, providing solid evidence (that Desdemona is cheating on Othello) for…

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  • Desdemona's Love In Othello

    Othello does not know about Iago’s anger at him because Iago does not tell anyone but Roderigo, who he eventually kills regardless. Even Iago’s wife Emilia did not expect her husband to be responsible for the direct and indirect deaths of five people – not including himself. Emilia knew he was hiding something from her, but his behaviour kept her at a distance. When Othello first discovers that Iago led him astray, he chases after him. In this moment, the power dynamic shifts, because Emilia,…

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