Emission spectrum

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  • Chemistry In The 1800's

    When flame test research is performed on an element, it is easy to see the color changes just by physically observing it. Often, many elements can have similar emission spectra’s, which is why Kirchhoff invented the Spectrometer. This is a specialized device that uses a prism and two mirrors that allow the light to be conducted into its unique emission spectra. From elements such as lithium to others like selenium, every single element has its own unique color or elemental fingerprint; this is called the emission spectrum. When using a spectrometer, it can be confusing to many what it is they are actually seeing. Light is made up of both waves, and particles. These particles are called Photons, and all light is made up of these. Photons have no mass, thus allowing them to travel at the speed of light and its energy is always positive. A light wave is made up of these photons, meaning that are the composition of light itself. With this in mind, photons can hit each other, and do so very frequently. When photons bump into other atoms, much of their energy can get the electrons…

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  • Immigration Into Canada

    would lead to different solutions. I believe that the NDP would want to have as many immigrants to move,live and work in Canada. Based on my knowledge of the political spectrum, the NDP wants to bring in immigrants quickly and would want changes to occur immediately. They would try to lower the barrier for immigrants coming to Canada to better help the people in need. The Green party would want to allow as many immigrants to move to Canada and provide job opportunities. They also want to think…

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  • Gating Pulse Synthesis

    takes place. The signature of this coupling can be revealed by measuring the electron energy spectrum using the electron energy spectrometer attached to the microscope. The measured electron spectrum is shown in blue line curve in Fig. 2A. The white reddish part of the spectrum represents the ZLP while the shaded blue part shows the gated electron spectrum. The temporal profile of the “original” ultrafast electron pulse…

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  • Lab Report Physics

    Discussion Objectives The objectives for part A of the experiment are to use the formula n=d sin() where “n” is an integer (representing the number of “jumps”). Further objectives for this section include the accurate and precise measurement of the aforementioned distances. These distances (that between the light arrangement and the wall as well as that between two dots (n=1)) are then used in the equation to find sin() (Sin(x)= opposite/hypotenuse). The final goal of this part is to be able…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Green Tax

    that emit CO2 as a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How the carbon tax would work is that it will put a monetary price on the cost of CO2 emissions on our economy. Since the carbon tax is a commodity tax, it would raise the price of energy and transportation. The burden of the tax would also fall more heavily on energy-intensive industries as well as lower-income households. However, revenue generated from the carbon tax could be used to offset the regressive impact or even cut taxes…

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  • Traditionalism And The Neo-Traditionalist Issue Of Environmental Values

    of climate change. One governmental policy that takes a neo-traditionalist approach on climate change is the policy of Cap-and-Trade. Cap-and-trade is a limit, through the use of permits, on the amount of greenhouse gas emission that companies can release. According to Professor Kathleen Segerson, there are three components involved in Cap-and-trade system. First, the cap needs to be below current emissions and is therefore a “binding cap”. Second, the cap is based solely on emissions …

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  • The Controversial Issue Of Climate Change In Canada

    Climate Change is a worldwide phenomenon, that affects the regular conditions of the environment. Historically, there have been several conventions, as the Kyoto Protocol, in order to address this problem. However, only until the Paris Agreement, countries have committed to take actions to mitigate this issue. In fact, Canada did not demonstrate any interest in the subject, but rather the provinces took the initiative and started to use regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. By 2015, Canada has…

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  • Climate Change In Tanzania Case Study

    In 1992, Tanzania had its first national energy policy and the latest national energy policy was published in 2003. The national policy 2003 mainly focused on the national energy needs in Tanzania, and in the policy, to develop domestic cost effective energy resources, to improve energy reliability, efficiency and security, and to reduce deforestation were also highlighted as the subsidiary objectives. 2003 national energy policy put climate change concept in its content, and it is the first…

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  • Cap And Trade And Carbon Tax Essay

    greenhouse gas or CO2 emission (Carbon dioxide emission is the greenhouse gas produced by human activities) is a negative externality problem that affects the world. Not only it damaged the atmosphere and cause of melted of ice from the north pole due to the changed of warmer weather that is significantly the main reason of natural disaster in the future but also impacts humans’ health. Therefore, it is governments’ responsibility to help companies produced…

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  • How Are Automobile Transportation Emissions Affect Our Future?

    Do we have to stop all global warming causes right now? Good luck. Big corporations like Exxon Mobil and Saudi Aramco can’t allow us to quit emitting carbon dioxide into our environment because that will mean we aren’t burning coal, gas, and oil, which also means they won’t be making their hundreds of billions of dollars annually. We have to look past these corporations towards bettering our planet. To focus this idea more, let’s look at one question: In what ways are automobile transportation…

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