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  • The Importance Of Environmental Protection

    perceived environmental victory of a Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to support stricter emissions controls. First, it will discuss how the law must balance competing scientific opinions and make decisions in light of uncertainty. Next, this paper will discuss the different stakeholders who have concern in this situation, delineating their interests, as well as which stakeholder should have the priority position. Finally, it will discuss the effect on State regulations if the Federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, changes the standards for air pollution…

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  • Carbon Tariff Research Paper

    product does not reach the standard set by the importing country in energy saving and emission reduction, will be levied tariffs. In 2009 France proposed in 2010 will to foreign imports impose a "carbon tariff", the tariff rate will be for per ton of carbon dioxide emissions charge Euro 17, later also will be gradually increasing. June 2009 through the clean energy and Security Act provisions, from 2020 onwards United States from failed to take measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Automobiles

    Genferal 1 – environmental impacts from the use of automobiles has centered on emissions, climate change and fuel economy. 2 – About three-quarters of the average car can be recycled. 2 - Eighty to 90% of a vehicle’s environmental impact comes from fuel consumption and emissions that lead to air pollution and greenhouse gases. Brake Debris and Tire Particles 1. Substances raise toxicity levels in nearby soilds and in the case of timre particles, lead to the formation of black carbon. Cause…

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  • Air Pollution In California

    greenhouse gas emissions on automobiles, partners with private businesses to reduce industry emissions and reduces the agency 's emissions. The government also partners with other countries and makes commitments to reduce air pollution worldwide (Epa.gov, n.d.). The Environmental Protection Agency is working on new regulations specifically for heavy-duty engines and vehicles to reduce the emissions and increase the efficiency of these vehicles as of 2014. Industrial emissions are governed by the…

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  • Case Assignment, Quality Equipment Hire Ltd. (QEH)

    (QEH) ACTIVITY 1 – Briefly discuss the 4 different methods of determining Scope 1 Emissions and why the first method is most appropriate for QEH.…

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  • Bucket Policy Essay

    The phenomenon of Global Warming, the gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere due to emissions of greenhouse gases associated with human industrialization activities is a major concern for the world community. Most nations are in agreement that addressing greenhouse gas emissions as a way to contain Global Warming and its disastrous consequences is imperative, yet still; the world community has yet to form a comprehensive policy that gives each individual country reasonable standards which to…

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  • Volkswagen Case Summary

    (VW) scandal erupted in the United States, creating a shockwave in the diesel automobile sector both domestic and international. US authorities accused VW of installing “defeat devices” in nearly half a million cars between 2009 and 2015 to make them appear less polluting than they actually are. Independent tests done by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) confirmed that a selection of VW vehicles were emitting up to 40 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real-world driving…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Clean Air Act

    The American cultural has a deep profundity on racing, making this sport a profound heritage among different kinds of car enthusiasts. However, this deep embodiment of racing can possibly shatter with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introducing the, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles – Phase 2 that resides under the Clean Air Act. This regulation, is a vague proposal that can potentially hurt the vibrant industry of…

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  • Vehicle Emission Environmental Challenges

    prompted concern for the environment with focus on emission reduction and the USA Congress 1965 passed, “Pollution and Control Act”, hence becoming the first Act to benchmark on setting industry standards. Following 1970, Congress again passed the clean Air Act as the automobile industry is growing fast and high competitive hence having these laws enacted in curbing behavior change and instilling sense of responsibility to the users and the automakers, with focus on sustainability of the…

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  • Air Pollution During The Industrial Revolution

    2016, new cars and trucks would require an average fuel economy standard of 35.5 miles per gallon which would save a total of 1.8 billion barrels of oils over the life of the program. This would also allow the fuel economy to gain an average of more than five percent every year. Ultimately, there would be a 900 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions that would be reduced. The standards set up in this policy surpassed the CAFE Law that was passed by Congress in 2007. That law only required…

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