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  • Benefits Of Emoticons In Business Communication

    graphic representations of emotions called emoticons. In other words, emoticons are a construction of the words “emotion” and “icon” that represent facial expressions using standard keyboard characters (Skovholt, 2014). With the prevalent use of instant messaging, business communications have shifted with the times where it is now common to see this medium of communication used in an informal way. In this paper, I am going to look at the benefits of using emoticons in business communications within collectivist and individualistic cultures. We need to understand the benefits…

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  • Like Emoticon Analysis

    This picture of a “like emoticon” from Facebook has a quote stating “Your likes can hurt someone’s feelings, Use your likes wisely” This is automatically targeting people who are bullied on Facebook. As social media becomes more and more a part of our generation, new ways of bullying occur as well. The ad uses all logos and how they use it, is by saying a like on Facebook is one of the causes of cyberbullying and that liking a certain post can hurt someone’s feelings. My goal is to shed a deeper…

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  • Technology: The Most Influence Discovery In The World

    around them. This makes children and adults struggle to understand emotion because the lack of face to face interaction. Brackett said that there is no balance between direct and indirect communication (Brackett). For little kids, they need more attention from their parents such as being hug or touched, talking face to face, and playing together. Psychologist Jim Taylor stated, “Communication is not just about words” (Taylor). One of the popular thing to do in social media is putting an emoji…

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  • Social Media And George Orwell's Effect On The English Language

    negative effects on society. Emoticons, acronyms, and re-appropriations are becoming a part of our everyday language and we don’t even realize it’s happening. Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company, has “analyzed the effect of various social media sites on the English language to find…

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  • Emoji Reflection

    food and drinks, celebrations, human activities, and many more. They made a modern digital image of these things. According to Sternbergh (2014), these characters were inspired by some of the creator’s childhood experiences, including kanji, Japanese borrowed characters from written Chinese, and manga which are Japanese comic books. Robb (2014) asserts that the idea behind Emoji is actually quite old because according to her, the pictographic hieroglyphs and cuneiform inscriptions from…

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  • Consequences Of Texting And Driving Kills

    that it is a text message while also proving a point. The text has a double entendre because its says “dying to send a reply” and dying has two meanings. The first meaning of dying is saying they really want to reply to a message. The second meaning of dying is literally because if you respond to a text message while driving and there is a collision you could potentially die. You also see the text that says “don’t text and drive” and you could probably assume that is what this advertisement is…

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  • Email And Text Communication Essay

    Email/Text Problems I have a hard time understanding why there are so many issues with text/email telecommunications. Email and text message are commonly used tools for communication both professionally and personally. I would like to discuss some common issues I have encountered these types of communication. Poorly written emails that use all capital letter is very frustrating to me as the receiver. It is perceived as rude and some may feel that you are shouting at them. It is also very…

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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night

    disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour (Google.com.au, 2018), is used to demonstrate how people with this disorder may misunderstand communication, as well as other individuals. Non-verbal communication is a very prominent and misleading form of communication used to communicate, this can include facial expressions, and body language. Haddon uses Christopher to demonstrate how it is not…

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  • Examples Of Symbolic Interactionism

    It is possible to argue that social media such as Facebook, instagram, and twitter has contributed and opened path to the development of symbolic interactionism. Communication, meaning, language and thoughts expressions are perceived as components of symbolic interactionism (Research Methodology). We use many symbols to communicate with people through social media. Some examples may be emoticons and text abbreviation. People constantly use these to communicate and express their feelings through…

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  • Christopher Haddon Characteristics

    thousands of miles away'. It represents a fantasy of escape from his current situation living under his father’s authority. Hence Christopher shows a growing desire for independence as he gains confidence to assert himself. Christopher, a creation of Haddon's imagination, possesses an inability to understand or empathise with others' thoughts and feelings, as a result of his condition Asperger's syndrome. The use of visual representations of emoticons in the beginning of the novel identifies…

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