Emission theory

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  • Euclid's Extramission Theory

    characteristic of ancient science, many common ideas about optics were “hit or miss”, so to speak. Certain Greek thinkers had hypotheses about optics which are more or less in line with modern principles, but many held firmly to ideas which are at odds with the current understanding of reality. I discuss extramission theory (a hallmark of Greek optical science), the work of the atomists Democritus and Leucippus who rejected it and presented compelling (but flawed) alternative frameworks, the contrasting views of pivotal (and ubiquitous) philosophers Plato and Aristotle, Euclid’s highly mathematical and geometric treatment of optics, and Ptolemy’s…

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  • Carbon Tariff Research Paper

    standard set by the importing country in energy saving and emission reduction, will be levied tariffs. In 2009 France proposed in 2010 will to foreign imports impose a "carbon tariff", the tariff rate will be for per ton of carbon dioxide emissions charge Euro 17, later also will be gradually increasing. June 2009 through the clean energy and Security Act provisions, from 2020 onwards United States from failed to take measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases national iron and steel,…

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  • Differences Of Carbon Accounting In UK And Russia

    the differences of measurement and disclosure on carbon emissions and greenhouse gas related activities. In the end, the motivations to improve the quality of disclosure are analysed. Carbon accounting in UK and Russia: UK established the Climate Change Act in 2008 which is first legally binding target on climate change in the world. The aim of the act is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 80% before 2050(Committee on…

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  • Bucket Policy Essay

    The phenomenon of Global Warming, the gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere due to emissions of greenhouse gases associated with human industrialization activities is a major concern for the world community. Most nations are in agreement that addressing greenhouse gas emissions as a way to contain Global Warming and its disastrous consequences is imperative, yet still; the world community has yet to form a comprehensive policy that gives each individual country reasonable standards which to…

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  • Chemistry In The 1800's

    When flame test research is performed on an element, it is easy to see the color changes just by physically observing it. Often, many elements can have similar emission spectra’s, which is why Kirchhoff invented the Spectrometer. This is a specialized device that uses a prism and two mirrors that allow the light to be conducted into its unique emission spectra. From elements such as lithium to others like selenium, every single element has its own unique color or elemental fingerprint; this is…

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  • Climate Change Issues In Canada

    to meet Kyoto targets, and the plan included mandatory emission reduction for factories and raise funds to invest in projections that could effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the government of Cananda Canada’s current plan to reduce greenhouse gases is insufficient. The report from Environment Canada shows that Canada is failing to achieve even its 2020 targets(Pittis, 2015). The reason is that the public policy of meeting the target is unorganized. This can be seen that…

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  • What Is Global Warming Really An Issue

    If something does not change, then the future of not only the human race, but also the Earth, will be at risk. Something must be done to slow this process. This is why doing nothing to control carbon emissions is not an option. Greenhouse gas emissions are caused by many things. The largest portion of emissions comes from energy production, transportation and industries. Other contributors include agriculture and land use. There are several gases that are considered to be greenhouse gas…

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  • Volkswagen Case Summary

    (VW) scandal erupted in the United States, creating a shockwave in the diesel automobile sector both domestic and international. US authorities accused VW of installing “defeat devices” in nearly half a million cars between 2009 and 2015 to make them appear less polluting than they actually are. Independent tests done by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) confirmed that a selection of VW vehicles were emitting up to 40 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) in real-world driving…

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  • Why Carbon Finance

    resources provided to obtain greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. Recognizing the impacts and threats of global climate change, governments and other entities have met annually at the Conference of the Parties (COP) of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 1995. The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997, in which 36 industrialized countries (called the Annex B countries) committed collectively to reduce emissions of six main GHG by an average of 5% against the…

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  • Fluctuated Global Carbon Prices (EUA)

    Market Trends Major price drivers The fluctuated global carbon price has been driven by a wide range of factors, including political wills, regional and global economy, fossil fuel prices, trading appetite of large corporations, and so on. Even a colder-than-expected winter can be a bullish signal to the carbon market. Historically, two significant price drops occurred as a result of the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, and a series of political events at the national and…

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