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  • Emotional Display Rules

    The Effect of Emotional Display Rules, on Intimate Relationships Barbara Feliciano Columbia College Abstract As we discussed different topics in this class, a specific one I wanted to research further was, Display rules. The purpose of my research is to discover whether an individual’s display rules, plays a role on their intimate relationships. Although we may have similar display rules, they will all vary depending on our upbringing. The research used for my study will be, Archival research, using the Stafford Library Ebsco Host resources. I found that display rules can effect intimate relationships in many ways such as, the way couples show affection to each other, as well as how they are able to communicate, and their relationship…

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  • Why Is Emotional Expression Important In Children

    Emotional expression and understanding is a key part of children’s development. Discuss critically with reference to theory and research in this area. Emotional expression and understanding is a key part of children’s development. Emotions can be defined as organizers of personal and interpersonal life, enhancing or restricting development and mental health. They are important in a child development as they have long term influences on a child’s personality which is carried into their…

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  • Comparison Of Cupid And Psyche's Dark Night

    Love is a motivation for the characters in both stories and both offer unique advice on how to deal with the obstacles that are put forth by the needs and wants of each individual. The myth encapsulates the impressive, magical journey, whereas the retelling offers a mental and emotional journey that is just as significant, if not more. As many people suffer from past traumas and issues that continues to affect their daily life if they are not dealt with. The major difference that changes the…

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  • Importance Of Empathy In Effective Communication

    experience among others. The ability to fit oneself into another person’s shoes is what determines how effective the communication will be. Many people confuse empathy with sympathy which is much similar yet so different. Both are important tools in determining effective communication. Sympathy has much more to do with feelings of compassion and pity. It involves agreement with the other party which discourages further exploration and expression of one`s interests and feelings. Sympathy creates…

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  • The Hero In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

    No matter where a person may come from, everyone encounters a similar journey. The journey that is heard in stories is symbolic to what anyone may go through in life. In the story “A worn path”, an old women goes through many obstacles as she is on the pathway to acquiring what she sought after. In order to better convey the hero’s journey in the story A Worn Path, Eudora Welty uses characterization, symbolism, and conflict. In the story characterization is used to describe the main character…

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  • What Are Miles Franklin's Search For Real Love?

    his lovely bride’ and ‘openly living with the other women as his mistress’, Aunt Helen being the female was ‘forced… to return to Caddagat’ and put to shame being ‘neither a wife, widow, nor maid’. These thoughts of Sybylla’s introduced by Aunt Helen at the beginning of passage one, ‘There is any amount of love … you must search for it’, influence Sybylla’s actions and opinions towards the notion of love and the only ‘real love’ that is possible is gained through ‘the almost universal love of…

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  • Usefulness Of Literature In Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

    Usefulness Of Literature Literature does have a practical purpose and that purpose is to captivate other important abilities that make it an essential part of education. In addition to that, it provides knowledge of our literary culture, that increase the awareness of cultural values, history, sociology, and psychology. Literary expand our accommodation to empathize with people. Increase the ability to see and imagine human involvement, and broadens our intellectual perspective to increase our…

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  • Sarah's Last 203 Days Reflection

    For this writing assignment, I chose to watch Sarah’s last 203 days. My reactions to the documentary was an emotional roller coaster ride. As I watched the process of Sarah slowly dying before my eyes, I felt as though I was there experiencing it with her daughter, friends, and family, there were several times that I paused the film so I may recollect my thoughts and emotions so I may continue on watching. By the end of the film, I felt a sense of release and happiness for Sarah, throughout the…

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  • Passion In The Scarlet Letter

    unable to raise Pearl in a Puritanical way. This is because Hester has sinned and because Pearl was unable to answer how she was created. While the magistrates and Hester are conversing, Hester cries, “‘God gave me the child’ cried she, … ‘she is my happiness! Pearl keeps me here in life…. I will not giver her up!’”(Hawthorne 109). Hester’s commitment to Pearl is because of her role in the story to show love and passion for her child. Pearl is what makes her happy but also is a living reminder…

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  • M. Mallard And Mrs. Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

    Even though all the expressions she made of freedom, the readers can still sense that in a way she did have a love for her husband. No matter how miserable, or difficult a marriage can be; spending a lot of time with someone will make you care for them. “And yet she had loved him—sometimes. Often she had not. (Chopin, 13).” She not only expresses the love she might of have for her husband, but she also mentions how “She knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in…

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