Sarah's Last 203 Days Reflection

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For this writing assignment, I chose to watch Sarah’s last 203 days. My reactions to the documentary was an emotional roller coaster ride. As I watched the process of Sarah slowly dying before my eyes, I felt as though I was there experiencing it with her daughter, friends, and family, there were several times that I paused the film so I may recollect my thoughts and emotions so I may continue on watching. By the end of the film, I felt a sense of release and happiness for Sarah, throughout the film watching her struggle and in pain was quite difficult, and seeing her pass away I knew that she was at rest finally. Watching this documentary has given me insight into integrity and despair, the several stages of the Kubler-Ross model of dying, the role of a caregiver from a family member’s stand point, and how others grieve the loss of a family member.
At the beginning of film Sarah experiences integrity as she begins to face the ending of her life. She is satisfied with her marriage, children, and her overall life experiences. She expresses an acceptance of “being ready to go”. As the film continues on though, Sarah battles between integrity and despair as her days are numbered. Sarah at one point of the film expresses, “I wish knew what it was all about”, which displays
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As previously mentioned, in the beginning of the film Sarah expresses integrity, but she is also expressing acceptance of her death. As the film continues Sarah embarks on an internal battle about whether she is truly accepting her death, and the process does become trying for herself and her family to witness, especially for her daughter Kaye who becomes the main caregiver for her mother. As Sarah’s health declines she becomes in denial and at moments expresses anger to Kaye, her daughter. I believe towards the end Sarah does achieve acceptance of her death, which allows her to pass comfortable and at

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