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  • The Existence Of Authorship In Toni Morrison's Death Of The Author

    Barthes problematizes the existence of an author in his essay “The Death of the Author” by suggesting that the reader is as complicit as the author in making meaning of the text, and therefore the birth of the reader is at the expense of the death of the author. However, what should be problematize is not the existence of authorship, but the possession of authorship. Authorship does not vanish. Instead, it is transferred from the creator of the text to the subjects in the text. The creator dies and, in turn, passes the authorship to the characters. This marks the reincarnation of the author. Toni Morrison disputes Barthes by transforming his theory to “The rebirth of the Author” through her short story “Recitatif”. It is a short-story famous…

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  • Essay On Ngambika And Things Fall Apart

    a Third world person, she must tell her own truth, and write what she wished to write” (63). But, as pointed out earlier, it is challenging to understand these female writers’ works without understanding the culture and ethnicity that produce them. “The nature of feminism itself compounds the problem of a female writer creating female consciousness” (Emerging Perspective 157). The society perceives them as modern women who are trying to kick again tradition, and their male counterparts…

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  • Analysis Of Ethos Pathos Logos

    “To be or, not to be”, famous words from a well-known author in English history. Penguin books created a print ad that incorporated three famous others into a well-known accessory of headphones. A winner of a “Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.” the ad has become a great component of bringing in a new range of how to perceive an audiobook. Let alone the creativity of this miraculous ad brings about the new age of paying tribute to the long-lost history of English…

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  • Auteur Theory Essay

    Now that Barthes has tried to definitively exclaim that the author is dead, we examine other cinematic forms of authorship this week, notably through the practice of producers, studio executives, and commercial properties. Through the work of Matthew Bernstein, Thomas Schatz, and Timothy Corrigan we find arguments for sub-facets of authorial figures in cinema, but ultimately note that the auteur theory can only be applied to cinema directors. Matthew Bernstein states that rarely is there such a…

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  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last Analysis

    articles “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” by Julia Serano, “Visible Man: Ethics in a World without Secrets” by Peter Singer, and “The Weirdest People in the World” by Joseph Henrich, they all represent different ways of how a source can be credible. Many authors and writers strive to make their work and sources credible for the audience, which is why using personal experience, developing a strong tone, and using hard evidence helps to make a source credible. In order to make a source seem more…

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  • Analysis Of A Writer's Duty By Annie Dillard

    A Writer and the Heart of Man Writing is an art, exquisitely beautiful. The author writes every single adjective, verb, and noun with a purpose because it all matters, because that is a writer’s duty. As William Faulkner states in his speech A Writer’s Duty, “The poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help endure and prevail.” From this, Faulkner communicates to the reader that a writer’s duty is to write with emotion, to write with fear,…

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  • My Last Duchess And Porphyria's Lover

    There are authors throughout history that write such unique pieces of literature, that their names are spoken of in all literature-based classes. One of these authors that gained fame by creating works that stand out, is Robert Browning. There are many attributes that brought fame to the Browning name, but his mastery of the dramatic monologue is what defines his style of writing. “Browning exploited the dramatic mode at every period of his career, and is the most ambitious and successful writer…

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  • Tie The Knot Analysis

    One of the most important essays in this chapter was called “Tie the Knot”, by W. Bradford Wilcox. This argument was written by a sociologist, who argues that with a change in social policy, individuals will be more inclined to marry at a younger age. He states that in turn, this can create a “stronger country overall” (585). As I read through this essay, I noticed that there are many ways in which the author is effective in his argument. The three methods that the author uses to create a strong…

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  • Anne Mazer And Ellen Potter Writing Style

    overcome writer's block. In addition, the book has several writing prompts in every chapter to motivate writers to use their creative imagination while practicing and having fun. This guidebook thoroughly explained and taught the reader several significant key points and the main concepts of writing along with some helpful tips. One of the many important subjects was how to find a voice in your writing. Both authors of the book, Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter, described how a young writer can…

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  • Biography Of Taylor Swift

    A strong theme throughout Swift’s work is her need to draw from personal experience in order to author her music – a theme, which many would argue makes her relatable, authentic, and the key to much of her success. For this discussion it is beneficial to look at Swift’s role as author through the eyes of theorist Roland Barthes: “(b)ook and author stand automatically on a single line divided into a before and an after. The Author is thought to nourish the book, which is to say that he exists…

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