Smartphone Ad Analysis

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“To be or, not to be”, famous words from a well-known author in English history. Penguin books created a print ad that incorporated three famous others into a well-known accessory of headphones. A winner of a “Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.” the ad has become a great component of bringing in a new range of how to perceive an audiobook. Let alone the creativity of this miraculous ad brings about the new age of paying tribute to the long-lost history of English authors that nailed into the rock called “English Language”. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are highly credible in this ad and with that, I will start with Ethos. “Ethos” is considered to be the credibility or “the value for a speaker or a writer to impress upon listeners and readers the idea that is worth listening to”, the ad has a picture that very much captures the attention of the viewers that see it. It catches the eye of the audience because of the wonderful creation of past and presents into one. The headphones are an appurtenance on how to get involved with a book. Mostly everyone in today’s society owns a pair of headphones to watch a movie on their phone or listen to music on their smartphone. …show more content…
Excitement,enthusiasm, the emotion after seeing an animal as getting into the story of your favorite book. The message across these two ads goes along with the “Pathos” of the first ad. Emotion beyond the person but into something greater than life. As books characterize humans, so does the connection to animals as well. A universal human trait to connect to something that we can not understand but know the worth of it. A book full of emotion that connects one another, just like man 's best friend. In between these two ads, they bring emotion into the human mind to adapt to the picture of relating to something or someone’s actions. The third ad brings this concept even more to

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