Essay about A Writer And The Heart Of Man

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A Writer and the Heart of Man Writing is an art, exquisitely beautiful. The author writes every single adjective, verb, and noun with a purpose because it all matters, because that is a writer’s duty. As William Faulkner states in his speech A Writer’s Duty, “The poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help endure and prevail.” From this, Faulkner communicates to the reader that a writer’s duty is to write with emotion, to write with fear, to write with love. The intention of a writing is so the author is laid out in rage, but restored with glory, scared, but healed, his bones should be seen as broken on the piece of paper because from that, the writer will prevail and will lift the heart of man. Those who write should not intend to write about their bland, boring memories. As Annie Dillard says in her article To Fashion a Text, “You can’t put together a memoir without cannibalizing your own life for parts. The work battens on your memories. And it replaces them.” When Faulkner was explaining that writers must prevail from their own work and they must fear their emotions as they write, he did not mean to write about the small anecdotes you will tell throughout your life. Writers must analyze themselves, discuss themselves, and must find something deeper in their memories, find the true meaning of what they want to communicate to the reader, what they want to communicate to the prevailing of man. Annie Dillard does…

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