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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Starbucks: More Than Just Coffee

    The author of Starbucks: More Than Just Coffee, Amanda Roadarmel, used many examples of ethos, pathos, and logos throughout her article. She used ethos to portray credibility and to obtain the trust of the audience. She shows her credibility through her knowledge on Starbucks. Pathos was used to connect with the audience through emotion and experience in order to get the audience to feel more passionately about the subject. The author connected with the audience through her descriptions on Starbucks stores and many relatable instances about the University of Delaware. Logos was used to show the audience that there was evidence to back up her stance, and also to appeal to reason. Through her use of credible sources, such as The New York…

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  • Wikipedia Is Credible

    presenting? Well considering what Wikipedia actually means, it is quite easy. “Derived form a Hawaiian word mean ‘quick,’ the term wiki conveys the swiftness and ease with which users can access information on and contribute content to such a site” with no identification or credentials (“Wiki” qtd. in James). According to Randall Stross, “Wikipedia invites anyone to pitch in, writing an article or editing someone else’s” where “no expertise is required” (“Anonymous Source Is Not the Same as Open…

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  • Mayo Clinic Mission Statement

    pages do an excellent job presenting its authority, currency and accuracy needed to be considered a credible Web page. When evaluating the authority on a web site is important as it will identify the author, and by doing so it will show the credibility of the information the site offers. To show authority the Mayo Clinic 's Web pages on ADHD provide credibility in various ways, such as offering a list of their staff, which is a group of professionals in their specific fields. The Web page states…

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  • Analysis Of Let There Be Dark By Paul Brogard

    first-person statements such as, “I worry we are rapidly losing night’s natural darkness before realizing its worth,” and “Even the northern lake where I was lucky to spend my summers has seen its darkness diminish.” These phrases prove to the reader that the author is discussing something he cares about, and as a result, Brogard’s passion for the issue makes the reader extremely receptive to his argument. In addition to his personal credibility, Brogard also references information from…

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  • Why Nice Guys Finish Last Analysis

    Magazine. When authors are highly educated and quite experienced, their tone may be completely different of someone writing an article that isn't educated as well as someone like Watters. Experience and knowledge shows speaks volume in one’s writing and demonstrates that the article being read comes from a well educated author. Which will help the reader to understand that the article and the source are credible. One who is not as educated, as say Watters, will have a completely different tone…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Mary Fisher's 1992 Republican National Convention Address

    At the 1992 Republican National Convention Address, Mary Fisher spoke to millions of people about the ongoing issue of AIDS. Her goal was to help those who struggle with the cruel rejection they were forced to face. She successfully targets her audience by using appropriate tactics to trigger the emotional and physical responses of the listeners. Fisher uses ethos, repetition, and imagery to elucidate the danger behind ignoring AIDS in hopes of motivating her audience to end the silence that has…

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  • Public Trust Or Mistrust Of News Media

    The lack of editorial and gatekeeping rules online are different from the common view of traditional print and broadcast news media, but many young Americans have now grown up with the internet as a central part of their lives. This generational difference results in an interesting gap in much of the current research, as there is little in terms of media research that specifically targets the college-aged demographic. This issue of credibility in the news is closely tied to a number of other…

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  • Beta Alanine And Creatine Summary

    There is no telling if a piece of information relates to an accompanying source. How Pederson acquired some of his information or if his statements are even factual remains unknown. Statements like “Scientific research proves beta alanine works too” (Pederson) and “Sports scientists find that taking beta alanine and creatine monohydrate together really works too” (Pederson) are incredibly vague and make the reader question the credibility of the author. Who are these scientist and what proof is…

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  • Eyewitness Misidentification Essay

    Abstract Eyewitness misidentification is one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction. The correlation between confidence and memory, effects of stress on memory, and the accuracy of identification have been proven to be false. Research studies indicate that misinterpretation can occur in one of three stages of the memory process acquisition, retention, and retrieval which are not exempt to that of an eyewitness. This paper will speak on the validity of eyewitness testimonies in the…

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  • Formula For Credibility

    The Formula for Credibility is something that I find very interesting. Our text states that it a great leader cannot perform his duties without the trust of his inferiors. The belief that a reputation cannot be built upon lies and deceit; a credible reputation is the best formula for success. There are three key components that are fundamental in the Formula for Credibility: competence, caring and character. While some may believe that competency is the only key component, I disagree. I believe…

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