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  • Essay On Self Driving Cars

    Journal #7 Every day that passes another technology is advanced. Cars are an innovation that are improved upon every adding second. One of these new advances are self driving cars. Many different companies are developing self these creative tools. Self driving cars are an invention of the future that is becoming a reality. Right now there is a huge effort to produce a fully functional vehicle that is reliable. Another facet of this technology is agriculturally. Farmers use this to save time and energy which can then be used to improve on crop yields. There are many positive reasons for self driving cars. With the good sadly also comes the bad In order for a car to be considered self driving it must navigate the road and highway system completely on its own. This task may prove daunting to some but others look at it as a challenge. Very few of these cars have been successful and traveled to the objective without crashing. Being able to react to the environment around it and demonstrate the corrections needed before a collision is not as easy as one may think. Engineers working with computer programmers are closer than ever to finishing this goal. Self driving vehicles have been used in farming, however these were created to only driving straight lines up and down fields. Even this is not complete a driver is still required to sit in the vehicle and turn it at the end of the row. With the use of gps the tractor will stay within three inches…

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  • Speed Limit Analysis

    Sr. Shene Monroe was on his way to school coming down Riley when he was pulled over by a cop. The cop walks up to Monroe and when he rolls down the window he asks the words every driver fears: “Do you know how fast you were going, son?” Monroe responds saying he is pretty sure he was going 55, the speed limit. “Yes, that's what I clocked you at. But that’s not the speed limit.” That’s when Monroe was informed that all the speed limits in Holland have been reduced to a maximum of 40 mph. Lucky…

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  • Effects Of Bad Habits Of Drivers Essay

    Distracted Driving Today’s drivers have developed bad habits that can cause accidents or even fatal crashes. The road is shared by all different types of drivers including senior citizens and young people, foreign drivers and drivers with no licenses. All these people have different skills, behaviors and moods. In fact, many young drivers do not care about other people on the road and do not realize the real danger of their bad habits. For example, cars are switching from one lane to the other…

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  • Adolf Hitler: Leader Of The Nazi Party

    Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party and Führer of Nazi Germany, was, and still is, an infamous figure known for its fascist policies that caused the death of millions of people. Although Hitler might not seem like a good person, he fits the criteria of a successful leader; he was determined to restore his country to its rightful honor, great military and outstanding economic power. He built an empire from the ashes of an old one. He was a symbol of absolute spitefulness, yet he inspired…

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  • Benefits Of Nazi Germany In The Years 1933-13

    in the war years of 1939 to 1945, the benefits of Nazi rule decreased for all Germans, Nazi, or otherwise. All figures shown by the Nazis in the years 1935 to 1939 show that Nazi Germany had produced an economic miracle in Germany. 6 million unemployed Germans in 1935 (due to the Wall Street Crash, and a failed Weimar Republic) dropped down to 300,000 Germans in 1939; this was the fastest recovery in terms of employment from the Wall Street Crash in Europe. There are no figures from the war…

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  • 5.3 Company Analysis: Mcnsey 7s Model

    Autobahn is the bank’s overarching platform, called an app market. This platform is used for electronic transaction banking and has 165 product applications and services built in (Deutsche Bank AG, 2014) (Deutsche Bank AG, One of the app’s available in Autobahn, a system that is unique to Deutsche Bank N.V., is the market leading FX4Cash. FX4Cash is a platform for cross-border currency payments worldwide (Deutsche Bank AG, 2014). This unique tool is one of the company’s strengths, as only Citi…

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  • Germany Traditions

    While the majority of the people living here are Christian, Hessen is diverse in its ethnic makeup. Sitting on the Rhine and Main Rivers in the south, and the Elb and Wiser rivers to the north, Hessen has been a hub for travel. Prior to the construction of the Autobahn, Hessen has been at a cross roads for travel and trade. Resulting from its prime location on the Main river, Frankfurt is a modern cosmopolitan that has flourished both economically and in culturally. The open and hospitable…

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  • Gun Control In The United States Of America

    Gun control these days in the United States of America is an immense topic and I purpose that we should follow as a nation on what other countries are doing about it to guard ourselves from each other and other threats that may invade our homeland. In which, I believe in arming more people would reduce mass shootings in the United States, just like how the Germans use the Autobahn to prevent accidents with unlimited speed for that freeway. As for giving guns to everyone, it may include a side…

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  • German Culture Research Paper

    generations, and dishes vary by regions. Germans play different kinds of sports like many countries, and sports plays a big part of life in Germany. Baseball, basketball, golf, ice hockey and rugby to name a few. There are also some leisure activities that Germans do like hiking, swimming and skiing to name a few. But there is that one sport that stands out the most. Soccer is the main sport in Germany which they call it football and is the most watched sports in Germany. Believe it or not,…

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  • The Hotel Sindersdorfer Hof Case Study Report

    The Hotel Sindersdorfer Hof was our overnight accommodation for the second night of our three day road trip from the UK to Slovenia. Our requirements were that there should be parking right at the hotel, that dogs could stay in the rooms and that ideally there should be a hotel restaurant or a place to eat very close by. We found everything we wanted in the Sindersdorfer Hof and booked through Sindersdorf Sindersdorf is a small village situated 800 metres from junction 56 of the…

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