Effects Of Bad Habits Of Drivers Essay

Distracted Driving Today’s drivers have developed bad habits that can cause accidents or even fatal crashes. The road is shared by all different types of drivers including senior citizens and young people, foreign drivers and drivers with no licenses. All these people have different skills, behaviors and moods. In fact, many young drivers do not care about other people on the road and do not realize the real danger of their bad habits. For example, cars are switching from one lane to the other lane, and then back again without signaling, or they are weaving in and out of traffic. There are many similar examples which tell about the effects of dangerous habits of today’s drivers. It is very important to understand that on today’s dangerous highways, inexperience and poor judgment of drivers often make a lethal combination. To improve our driving, it is essential to acknowledge some common dangerous habits practiced by drivers. A …show more content…
For example if your headlights are turned to high it can cause to other driver to be blinded and lose control of their car. Making sure your headlights are in proper working order can save your life and others life’s around you. Other people or animals in the car can also be a distracting while driving. You are focused on what they are doing, and not paying attention to the road or the other drivers. The radio is a great example you and your passengers get into a fight about what station you should listen to and end up causing to wreck. Driving while you are stressed, angry, or tired it will dramatically decreases your alertness, and judgement. Road rage has been responsible for many accidents due to mainly an overreaction and the personalization of driving situations. You must remember that you have a dangerous weapon in your hands while driving. If you are waiting in rush-hour traffic too long, and become angry feel you are too upset to drive

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