Negative Effects Of Bad Drivers Essay

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Does hitting 16 make you a great driver? Well I'm saying that if you more experienced than you will be a better driver than a 18 year old who had just got their licence.

“Turning 16 does not instantly make someone a safer driver,” says Peter Kissinger they talk about experience being the main key of being a better driver, if they were to start learning how to drive at 14 and were on the roads by 16 they would be better than a 16 year old who just got their licence because they turn 16. ¨The second study examined crash rates in New Jersey, which has a minimum age of 17 for unsupervised driving and is the only state in the country to have a comprehensive GDL program for all new drivers up to age 21. In New Jersey, while crash rates of new drivers licensed at different ages largely converged after six months of solo driving experience, older beginners had lower crash rates overall and lower rates of injury crashes than younger beginners.¨

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Barbara Gaines, trauma director at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. (Referring to Teen drivers.) but if the teen drivers had experience then they would not be getting in these crashes as often, the teen drivers have only been driving being supervised so i believe it would be good for parent to go to an empty parking lot and let their teen drive and let them get a feel of a car, and when it's snowy and ice let them drive in an empty parking lot that way when the car slips and drifts then the teen can learn how to gain control of the the car after it's gone out of control that way when they go out of control on the road, they may be able to get their self back into control and if youŕe in an area where there is no snow, let them drive in an empty parking lot just to get the feel of the car. Of course your teen will be supervised because you will be in the

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