Essay On Self Driving Cars

Journal #7
Every day that passes another technology is advanced. Cars are an innovation that are improved upon every adding second. One of these new advances are self driving cars. Many different companies are developing self these creative tools. Self driving cars are an invention of the future that is becoming a reality. Right now there is a huge effort to produce a fully functional vehicle that is reliable. Another facet of this technology is agriculturally. Farmers use this to save time and energy which can then be used to improve on crop yields. There are many positive reasons for self driving cars. With the good sadly also comes the bad In order for a car to be considered self driving it must navigate the road and highway system completely on its own. This task may prove daunting to some but others look at it as a challenge. Very few of these cars have been successful and traveled to the objective without crashing. Being able to react to the environment around it and demonstrate the corrections needed before a collision is not as easy as one may think. Engineers working with computer programmers are closer than ever to finishing this
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A select few of these were listed above. Many cars will reduce traffic and minor crashes while driving. You may arrive at the destination in a smoother manner without searching for a parking spot. With all these good reasons to have self driving cars there is many more bad ones to match. Self driving cars will cost more money per person than regular can spend. Cars may lose track off their position on the road and crash endangering the life of the passengers. There are many reasons self driving cars may be the future but, not without further research and development of the technologies given. Engineers are closer than ever to produce a finished product. They even say the roads will be full of self driving in the near

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