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  • Argument Essay On Gun Control

    A weapon is not some kind of toy that everyone should have, it 's a weapon that is used to cause harm and by enabling everyone to have one would cause fear in the community and would be the start of many conflicts as well. There are many headlines that people cannot believe. Two tennagers frin Colorado opend fire in theri high school, by doing so they killed 12 students and a teacher as well. Gun control is described as the law in order to limit civilians to have access to fire weapons. In the United States gun legislation is a very well contested political issue. Not only are firearms lethal, they are also health issue, because there are more than 35,000 people that have died each year after being shot by a gun. Gun control has become a huge topic in today…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Laws

    Guns are used all around the world, but here in the United States, we need to keep our gun usage limited with gun laws. Gun laws are put into action to make sure firearms are used responsibly; however, people will always find a way to break these laws no matter how many are made. Our Second Amendment, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, gives U.S. citizens the right to own a weapon…

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  • Essay On Political Ideologies

    raped I believe that it should be okay for that woman to have an abortion. Another circumstance that I believe abortion is acceptable is if the woman’s life is endangered. On the other hand, abortions should not be legal as another form of birth control that many see it as today. Between my beliefs and exposure to current events, I see abortion as a last case scenario. The topic that I feel the most passionately about is gun control. I believe citizens have the right to own a firearm,…

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  • Gun Control Should Be Changed To Help Cause Less Crime

    The second amendment, right to bear arms, was originally referring to a well regulated militia, not everyday people. Another problem with the second amendment is the type of guns that would have been used regarding the second amendment, for example, a fully automatic rifle is much more dangerous than a single shot muzzle loading rifle. Guns kill 30,000 people in the United States each year and a majority of this is people unfit to use a weapon killing others. Even though there have been many…

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  • Summary Of A Liberal And I Am A Conservative

    citizen should not own one. Conservatives on the other hand think the complete opposite. They think everyone should have a firearm for their protection and the protection of others. We can own firearms because of the second amendment. Even though the second amendment lets us own firearms, liberals do not think it applies to citizens. The author of the article is a Liberal and I am a Conservative. I do not agree with her views. Summary Jill Silos-Rooney starts out her article by mentioning the…

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  • Ted Nugent's Argument Against Gun Control

    Studies have shown that every 30 seconds a child has been killed or injured by a firearm every day. These children would not likely have access to these weapons if the owner of the gun stored it how it should be and unloaded it. Gun control may be able to prevent these irresponsible things to happen to such young and innocent children. One little girl picked up a parent’s handgun and accidentally shot and killed her own mother not realizing what she had done. Parents may not be irresponsible as…

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  • Why Do We Need Gun Control Laws

    from Infowars, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws, and it is estimated that someone is shot every 2.8 hours. Despite the strict laws. Some people think if we take guns away from civilians, anyone who does not have a police or military badge, it will make all mass shootings or shootings of any kind go away. In this manner criminals and people planning to do harm with a gun can not get one, this will not work, because criminals don 't obtain their guns legally. If they want a gun badly…

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  • What Is Gun Control Persuasive Essay

    M-16, AR 15, Bush master. All examples of weapons under heavy debate whether they should be sold to the public or not. All three rifles are capable of fully automatic fire but do not have that option when sold in the private sector due to gun control laws. But they all are equipped with semi automatic firing which allows you to fire the gun at the rate at which your finger can pull the trigger. This small difference seems irrelevant when you think about it due to the nature of the reload time…

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  • Gun Control In Australia Research Paper

    atrocity with a semi-automatic rifle. He then left the café and continued through a gift shop, parking lot and finally to a gas station killing 22 more innocent civilians. He fled and was only captured the following morning. During the night he killed a hostage. In all, 35 people were murdered and 18 seriously wounded. What the Australian government did in response has been the main reason as to why this…

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  • How To Prevent Gun Control Essay

    some control and freedom. They don’t want to put their rights and freedoms in jeopardy if a corrupt government were to rise. They would like to able to defend themselves if necessary. Gun control laws have a huge effect on citizens. All around gun control would be very messy and cause huge problems in the US. If Gun control was implemented in the US it could prevent many deaths and also leave some people feeling safer when they go out in public. “ The death of an instructor at an Arizona…

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