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  • HIPAA: The Importance Of Access Controls In Healthcare Records

    defined as emergency situations that would call for emergency access. It is very important to come up with procedures that would provide the instructions on how the members can gain access to the ePHI, which is electronic protected health information. The emergency access is usually known as break glass procedures, but they are also controlled in the number of times they occur according to the situations that have been defined as emerge situations (Yale University). It is required that the break glass occurrences are well documented so as to avert any issue that may arise during audit controls. The HIPPA rules allows these procedures so as to prevent occurrences which may lead to patient injury due to issues such as failed logins and authorization. How role-based access controls meet the HIPAA Privacy Rule Minimum Necessary standard? The HIPPA standard on role-based access requires that employees who have access to the PHI should only have a minimum access to the PHI that is necessary to the role that they have in the organization. The rule clearly states that the entities that have been covered must come up with ways of ensuring that they establish role based access so as to ensure that they satisfy the minimum requirement that they may require (Role Based Access). Role based access means that data access of a particular user so as to ensure that workers have to access to data that enables them to perform effectively the required functions and actions (Security Standards:…

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  • Financial Accounting: Case Study

    the transactions of the month. 4- Access Controls: This refers to control the access to the accounting system of the company via passwords and ID verification. So, this will keep unauthorized people out of the system. This internal control will be determined by changing the password each month and by having monthly reports of who tried to get inside of the system without the password or who tried to corrupt it. 5- Cash register and checks register: The owner of the company or a supervisor…

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  • Network Security

    physically, while critical, does not protect against software attacks. Hackers have numerous tactics at their disposal for obtaining or destroying data. Viruses can record passwords, delete or infect files, and can cause a computer to stop working altogether. An open wi-fi connection provides an opportunity for a hacker to steal private information, or, even worse, perform illegal activities. A network that is secure should have many components to combat various threat types. Some of those…

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  • Jacket-X Security Vulnerabilities

    have legitimate access to. Tight controls, access control, logging, and encryption are a must. Payroll Jacket – X Corporation should create corrective solutions to solve with the system vulnerabilities and threats. The main problem with the payroll vulnerabilities is when fake employees are added, false timecards are submitted and counterfeit paychecks are paid. The payroll systems should be limited to a certain amount of people that can access the system. If company decide to work on…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Concealed Weapons

    Concealed Weapon Policy Specific Purpose: Wisconsin should change their policy on carrying a concealed weapon and allow for citizens to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. INTRODUCTION I. Richmond, Virginia, September 20th, 2010: “His delivery completed, a pizza driver began to drive away when a masked man accosted him with a shotgun and announced a robbery. The driver drew a handgun that he was licensed to carry and shot the suspect. After asking a passerby to call 911, the driver…

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  • Summary: Data Integrity

    Data Integrity Data Integrity in an organisation such as Kirby College must ensure Data integrity is an assurance that stores confidential data over the network and those only authorised are granted access. This should only be controlled through environmental physical of the network. The people in Kirby College must install security systems located around the important parts of the building, as this will prevent any security servers and network breach which will stop unauthorised users. The…

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  • Intrusion Detection And Prevention

    13. Intrusion detection and prevention Early detection and monitoring of intrusions can prevent possible attacks or minimise their impact on computer systems. This policy is designed both to protect the confidentiality of any data that may be stored on the mobile computer and to protect the organizational network from being infected by any hostile software when the mobile computer returns. This policy also considers wireless access, every host on the organizational network and the entire data…

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  • Cybersecurity: Information Security

    What exactly is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity, also referred to as Information Technology Security, centers on guarding networks, computer systems, and critical data from unauthorized access, alteration or damage by hackers or perhaps even disgruntled employees. Thorough cyber breaches transpire all too often in today’s corporate world. Attackers or also known as “hackers” simply evade conventional security implementations to steal essential data and to disrupt company operations. “Price…

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  • Target Security Attacks: The History Of Cyber Security

    Introduction According to , “A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets or intellectual property.” Many people experienced a data breach if they shopped in Target stores between November 27 and…

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  • Justification Of Disaster Response Protocols

    Statements of Policy The purpose of this statement of policy is to establish incident response protocols, disaster response protocols and methods for maintaining information assurance. This will outline procedures that are in accordance with legal and organizational regulation requirements and policies that will address any issues regarding information stored within the organization. Incident Response Protocols Unauthorized Facility Access: If there is an unauthorized attempt to access the…

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