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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    According to Ian Karambelas, phishing is “an attempt to obtain user credentials, financial data, or other sensitive information by emulating a legitimate email communication.” But spear phishing is a far greater threat than the phishing email because it is “a type of targeted phishing in which an attacker first researches the target individual or company to increase their chance of success. Because this allows the attacker to appear more trustworthy as a legitimate business entity, users are less suspicious.” (Karambelas, 2016, pg. 1). Trend Micro’s APT research team believes that spear phishing is the most favored APT attack bait. The cost of opening a spear-phishing email can be enormous. For example, the email service provider Epsilon “fell prey to a spear-phishing attack that caused the organization to lose an estimated US $4 billion.” (Trend Micro, 2012, pg.…

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  • Social Engineer Vs Social Engineering

    control or direction of something (Merriam-Webster). With that being said, social engineering is the taking control of people or society in general. Unfortunately, social engineering is a real thing and has happened all over the world. Phishing is by far the most common social engineering tactic used by attackers today. Most phishing scams want personal information, such as names, addresses and social security numbers. Phishing scams may also contain links that redirect victims to suspicious…

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  • Network Security

    prevalent and effective methods is a technique known as phishing, which is when a hacker tricks someone into revealing information or installing malicious files through email communication. “In 2016, 58% of security incidents in which user credentials were compromised occurred through phishing attacks, HYPERLINK "" "_blank" according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.” ( HYPERLINK ""…

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  • Privacy And Chatroulette Research Paper

    Privacy and Chatroulette Using the website Chatroulette has a risk. Especially if you decide to show a bit of nudity yourself. In Chatroulette it is possible to de-anonymize the user and reveal their identity to the public. The information obtained can be used to threaten, humiliate or blackmail the user. Gaining personal information can be done by, for example, phishing (Kopecký, 2015). Phishing is a way to try and get private information from unsuspected individuals. Frauds try to get…

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  • Identity Theft And Assumption Deterrence Act

    Identity theft is any unauthorized use of someone else’s personal identity to fraudulently obtain money, goods, or services; to prevent the payment of debt; or to avoid criminal prosecution. In 1998, under the authority of the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, identity theft became a federal crime with prescribed prison sentences for using identity theft to commit crimes. In addition, increased penalties apply for those who exceed, misuse, or abuse privileged access to personal…

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  • Social Engineering Threats

    The nature of a social engineering attack is hard to protect against because it exploits the “human factor” of the network. By manipulating end-users attackers are getting confidential information without the user even realizing it. Variety of social engineering attacks. One method of a social engineering attack, and one of the most popular, is phishing. Phishing is sending emails appearing to be from a reputable source with the intent of gaining personal information. Phishing accounts for “77%…

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  • Spear Segmenting Marketing Strategy

    However, unlike a traditional phishing attack, a spear phishing attack takes place through racketeering which is an organized crime and is targeted towards a few individuals or an organization. The effect of phishing scams can be rapid, resulting in identity theft, the loss of a huge amount of money, reputational damage etc. Organizations can suffer theft of sensitive information which can give away the trade secrets, information about suppliers, research and development results or customer…

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  • Phishing Attacks

    In “The state of phishing”, Aaron examines phishing attacks conducted by a group called Avalanche in 2009 (2010). He analyzes data from the Global Phishing Survey, published by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). His analysis of the data reveals that Avalanche attacks started in 2008 and spiked in the first half of 2009, diminishing in the second half of 2009 as Top Level Domain (TLD) registers took down Avalanche domains. He briefly covers how Avalanche combined a malware called Zeus with…

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  • Computer Crime Research Paper

    they pop up on the electronic device. Computer crime is continuing to grow as more advances are made in technology. However, as hackers are learning how to get more information, advances are being made to protect against crime. What are the latest cybercrimes and scams? What precautions must we take because of them? The Internet is a place loaded with information. Criminals take advantage of this information so they can profit from it. While there are more than a couple of types of…

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  • Scams And Fraud Policy Analysis

    As a means of establishing company-wide standards for scams and fraudulent activity, Edu Corp’s Scams and Fraud Policy serves to inform employees about the potential security impacts of scams and fraud, while protect the privacy and safety of all employees and customers, including all digital assets and intelligence of the company. Edu Corp’s Scams and Fraud Policy outlines the regulations for social engineering recognition, fraudulent recognition, phishing detection, false antivirus detection,…

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