Spear Segmenting Marketing Strategy

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Market segmentation helps the business break up a broad market of current and probable customers into subsets of customers that may have similar requirements and enable to identify their characteristics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_segmentation. Segmenting a market will not only help BWB promote its business to the target market quicker but will also help to create a market plan appropriate for the targeted market. Since BWB is segmenting market geographically as well as demographically, it will have to plan the way it will be marketing its blinds in way which is well suited for both target markets.

• Branding is one of the most important characteristic for any sort of business. It creates a distinctive image of the business or
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However, unlike a traditional phishing attack, a spear phishing attack takes place through racketeering which is an organized crime and is targeted towards a few individuals or an organization.
The effect of phishing scams can be rapid, resulting in identity theft, the loss of a huge amount of money, reputational damage etc. Organizations can suffer theft of sensitive information which can give away the trade secrets, information about suppliers, research and development results or customer information. Because of this the company may no longer be able to have a competitive advantage over other businesses.
If the perpetrator is trying to harm the image of the business, he may sabotage the company’s files and operations in order to delay or disrupt the process. The company may still have backup of the disrupted files and the damage may be repairable but the delay and recovery may cost the business in millions depending on the size of the business and the network that has been

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