Market Segmentation Of Adidas

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Adidas is a major German sports apparel manufacturer. Adidas, one of the largest sportwear manufacturer in Europe yet the second largest sportwear manufacturer in the world. It is also a sport goods maker and a number of Adidas in German. Adidas is an international company and it was the largest company in Europe. Each year, the company gets a big turnover, which amounts around 6 billion euros. The data is the one of the largest, more expensive and reliable company in the world. One of the top brands in sport and footwear in the market. Even the company is old but its heart is still young, can suitabe for even teenagers and kids. They are selling much of product nowadays, for example, sneakers, sport shoes, perfume, jersey,
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At first, the company will identify the way of segment the market and develops the profiles that they resulting the market segments. There are different types of buyers in the market, so that they should differ in the buyers wants, needs and buying attitude.

A successful companies or organizations have an outstanding marketing strategies. Which is they want to segment strategically in. It is very important that to you to organization in the market that you sell. Companies such as Adidas, they market to all the athletes of all ages over the world. Furthermore, Adidas also markets to the professionals and also amateur athletes. They aims the market segmentation is to enable the marketer to adjust the marketing mixes which is 4P’s product, price, place, promotion. It may help to meet the needs of more specific segments in the market. Mostly, the marketers will use the market segmentation to process by divide big markets into smaller segments according to locations, different groups and individual
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Age, income, gender, ethnic background and family life cycle are all important factors of demographic segmentation. This method is ussually used in clothing market that for a long time. Brands of Adidas products into range of male, female and kids. It according to life cycle segmentation, age and gender segmentation. By the way, Adidas also has a branded range of male and female clothhing, shoes, sneaker, eye wear, jersey, and body-care. Performance, style and originals are all three brands of Adidas though that provide the product for this segment.

Psychographic segmentation is also used in Adidas. They used to divide the market in group based on life style, social class and personality characteristics. Adidas focus on social class because in one particular social class people tend to have similar qualities buying. Most of the company use income, gender and family cycle segmentation to distinguish their market but Adidas not. Adidas keep it more wide ranged so the brand can marketing different people over the

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