Yogurt Segmentation Analysis

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Segmentation is a vital thing in the marketing .There are so many definitions for the segmentation, IT is the process of splitting customer, in a market into different groups as well as segments in their think about the customers interest and comparable such has comparable with other customers and think about set of needs satisfied by a distinct marketing proposition” (McDonald & Dunbar, 2004).Only Other hand
It involves aggregating prospective consumers into groups considering (1) Consumer’s common needs (2) Consumer’s respond similarly to a market action
Such has consumer market can be segmented considering demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral .when the segmentation divide considering
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By using those categories give choice for the customer to full fill their needs. In their they give to the choice for the consumer to full fill their needs using demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentations. For example lucky Lanka Company always gets resources (milk) from Sri Lankan farmers and then manufactured yogurt .In the marketing think about demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentations. Under the demographic segmentation organization think about consumer’s age as well as income most of the time lucky Lanka yogurt prices are low than their competitors. Other thing is all ages consumer’s from child to elder can be used their yogurt without any fear. As a geographic segmentation they market their products in the each and every place in the Sri Lanka. Under the psychographic segmentation organizations try to give the unbelievable experience for their consumers and make best opinion for the consumers. For that they used fruit based yogurt, treacle based yogurt, chocolate based yoghurt likewise using different flavors give the best consumer experience rather their

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