Market segmentation

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  • Steps Of Market Segmentation

    Market Segmentation is the process of dividing the target market into groups of smaller segments using certain parameters in order to understand the customers and target different products and services to reach the buyers in that segment, thereby shrinking the sales cycle, increasing revenues and increasing the customer retention rate. The three steps in the marketing segmentation process are Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. The first step of Segmentation can be broken down into two simple points as identifying segmentation variables and segmenting the marketing, and developing profiles of resulting segments. But, it is not as simple as they sound. A market segment is a group of customers who share similar values and/or beliefs. Segmentation has four famous approaches, namely geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioral scale. Geographical segmentation is the act of marketing the products to a region, or country depending on variables such as language spoken, traditions, population, and climate. Demographic segmentation is the act of segmenting on the characters such as age, gender, population, income, family size, or nationality. Psychographic segmentation segments…

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  • Segmentation Criteria Of The Target Market

    Current segmentation criteria Discuss any segmentation criteria currently identified in the Marketing Plan for describing the target market/market segments. • Attitude: Consumer incentives on products or services. For example, consumers may be skeptical about the value of new forms of technology. Or they are considered to be the negative comments about a particular brand because of past experience. Attitude to means they are available in all the atmosphere or they may differ between different…

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  • The Four Types Of Market Segmentation In Cinema

    2.0 Market Segmentation Market segmentation is a method of separating the large population and divide them into minor segments with the similar needs, wants and demands for each segment of the customer (Agarwal, 2015). The goal is to plan out a marketing mix that exactly matches the expectations of the target market (, 2015). Before a company start up a business, they need to know that which segment of customer prefers which sort of product and which segment of customer…

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  • Market Segmentation Within Innovative Leisure

    2 ROLE OF MARKET SEGMENTATION WITHIN INNOVATIVE LEISURE 2.1 Concept of Market Segmentation and Its Purpose in Relation to Marketing Market segmentation allows marketers to divide consumers and the market into segments. This is a key tool to any marketer as it creates groups that are manageable and easy to target based on shared characteristics and requirements. Segmented customer data within Innovative Leisure is essential as the wide product range means some products may not suit different…

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  • Marketing Plan For Chocolate Market Segmentation

    Marketing Plan Name Institution Date Market Segmentation It is a marketing strategy where a firm divides its large target market into smaller units with common similarities. Consequently, it designs and implements strategies to gain them. The different styles include: Demographic Segmentation This involves the analysis of characterization that may provide a profile or picture of customers’ family life cycle, age, or income. Elite consumers will prefer expensive and luxurious…

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  • Market Segmentation Of Nike

    Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into prospective buyers who have different needs and characteristics, or behaviours, and who might require separate products or marketing programs. A company is able to step up its marketing and sales efforts and reach out to a whole new market by using gender segmentation. In this case, Nike captured the women’s sports apparel market. There are few type of segmentation used by Nike such as geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation,…

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  • Market Segmentation

    Discuss any segmentation criteria currently identified in the Marketing Plan for describing the target market/market segments. • Behavioral segmentation: The criterion that the café can use to analyze the behavior of customers is asking them to fill in a form asking how happy they are after they purchase a product from the café. • Demographic segmentation: In regards to this kind of segmentation, occupation and education influence the behavior in which customers visit the cafe. • Occasion…

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  • Target Market Segmentation In The Hublot Fashion Watch

    Q3) For demographic segmentation, it is appropriate to apply the income variable to compare the likely target market segments between the two watches. A smartwatch will likely to attract customers earning an annual income of USD$20,000 - USD$1,000,000. Meanwhile, a luxury watch is expected to entice customers earning an annual income of USD$1,000,000 and more. According to, the most expensive smartwatch in the market belongs to LG’s G Watch R which costs around USD$400…

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  • Lenhoo: Target Market Strategy And Segmentation Of The Pho

    2.1 Summary of Proposed Strategies Lenovo has to segment based on group ages and focus mainly on millennials , but in order for Lenovo to stimulate their interest with the product they need to modify some features in the phone for example the camera quality and pixel density . Targeting millennials will increase sales by a good percentage, as they will help market the product in various ways, whether by word of mouth or through their social media posts. In addition, Millennials use of the…

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  • Market Segmentation Of Adidas

    in the world. One of the top brands in sport and footwear in the market. Even the company is old but its heart is still young, can suitabe for even teenagers and kids. They are selling much of product nowadays, for example, sneakers, sport shoes, perfume, jersey,…

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