Segmentation Criteria Of The Target Market

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Current segmentation criteria
Discuss any segmentation criteria currently identified in the Marketing Plan for describing the target market/market segments.
• Attitude:
Consumer incentives on products or services. For example, consumers may be skeptical about the value of new forms of technology. Or they are considered to be the negative comments about a particular brand because of past experience. Attitude to means they are available in all the atmosphere or they may differ between different groups.
• The needs of consumers.
It is possible to meet a variety of customer needs with a product that is limited by using a different well away incentives and promotional activities.
There are parts which have become popular in retail. But
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Behavioral segmentation 20% Various types of market segmentation is different is divided by the population on the basis of the behavior of the active population and the different forms of them. • high response to previous campaigns by members of market segments:
For example, young people generally like Dove soap, while those who play sports are shot using lifeboats. Here is an example of nature Thu based segmentation. Based on the behavior of each product the market. This type of market segmentation is in progress, particularly smart phone market. The company can be accessed through:
The music of the textile business model of the company and brand for a period of time that the word "franchise" is the Anglo-French francs. Derivation from meaning free and be used both as a noun and as a verb for the franchise, the franchise is the option of creating a "chain stores" to remember Nan Commercial avoid investment and liability of the chain. The success of the franchise based on the success of the franchise. The franchise will be more motivated than employees directly because of the leg with a direct stake in the business. Specific information:
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