The Persuaders: A Psychological Analysis

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The marketing strategies primary role is to get a consumer to adopt elevated consumption of a product for the purpose of improving a firm 's revenue and profit maximization (Ferrell & Hartline, 2005). Other than just an act of randomly placing advertisements for consumers to read and see, marketing strategies go far beyond this point giving a strategic presentation of a product mix that will appeal to the target groups. For this part, an explicit discussion of the market research strategies that are highlighted in the documentaries “The Persuaders” is presented. This portion will further discuss the on the ethicality of this strategies and if they can be applicable in today 's market in 2015.
In this documentary, the highlights on evident
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A language is an important tool for communication because it tells and explains the product to the consumer. Significant conclusions can be made about a product depending on the explanation and language used. Thus, marketers should be conscious on what they present to customers (Bradley, 2005). Psychological analysis of appealing language and subconscious purchasing characteristics is given the highest priority in this research. These methods have the capacity to generate data that can be used to generalize about the population characteristics (Remenyi, 2012). Language is an essential component in sales and marketing that has a significant influence on consumer 's actions.
The methods used to study consumers have seen data extracted from computer generated sources and then directed for private use. Through the computer systems data about personal relationships, purchases, shopping, expenditure and income can be accessed. The data utilization for the achievement of specific targets on the portion members of the population. Through proper analysis of this culture, subcultures can be influenced without necessarily upsetting the stand of the bigger portion members. For instance, these can be achieved by direct reaching out to the

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