Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals Summary

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“Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles outlines the fifteen different areas in which advertisers try to manipulate the average consumer's mind by showing how they would be happier, accepted more, or better looking if they would buy a certain product. He delves into the structure of advertisement and sets a microscope on how the industry exploits the need for attention, aesthetic sensations, fulfill physical needs and etc by playing on the emotions of the human mind. Fowles states that an advertiser attempts to win the attention of consumers by giving a shape to the people’s deep-lying desire in a manner which they personally wish for. Advertisers make efforts to enforce both implicit and explicit messages in hopes of trying to manipulate consumers’ decisions. I will analyze …show more content…
Fowles defines the need for guidance as “the opposite of the need to nurture is the need to be nurtured: to be protected, shielded, guided”. Appealing to the need for guidance, we see a mother and son doing a photo shoot. Victoria Beckham is a model, fashion designer and former singer in a girl band. Brooklyn Beckham is a model, Photographer, and Music extraordinaire. He is following his mother in her footsteps. Fowles defines the need to achieve as " the drive that energizes people, causing them to strive in their lives and career. Looking at the advertisement you see Victoria Beckham wearing her clothes line that she design. Beckham says her mission: to simply women lives be designing a nucleus of clothes, in particular, separates that enable them to put together their own sleek, easy to wear silhouettes while still transmitting a fashion statement. Identifying with the model is the advertiser's goals because the Beckhams are well known. Targeting vulnerable consumers is the advertiser goals because Victoria Beckham has her own clothes brand which is popular and a cosmetics line for Estee

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