Analysis Of Jib Fowles Advertising's 15 Basic Appeals

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Advertisements are everywhere you go now. Without realizing we see at least a hundred ads a day. Advertisers will try pretty much anything to sell their products. So how far are they willing to go to sell you their products? What emotional appeals will they use to catch your attention? Jib Fowles “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appels” breaks down the fifteen basic appeals that you will find in ads today. You will find at least one of these appeals in every single ad that you see.In “Advertising ‘s Fifteen Basic Appeals” Fowles talks about how advertisers use emotional appeals in order to get us to remember their products they advertise that they are trying to sell us. An average of five hundred ads are seen a day by the average American and …show more content…
It’s usually an appeal to target women to sell their product to. In the ads its usually showing a mother taking care of her child, pet or sick husband. The fourth appeal is the total opposite of the third appeal it is the need for guidance. This appeal is to make you feel protected and shielded. Most commercials that use this appeal has a spokes person for it. Like Jerry the Subway guy trying to get people to buy sandwiches from their by saying they saved his life by eating subway everyday it made him lose all his weight. The fifth appeal is the need to aggress. Just like the need for sex commercials tend not to use the need to aggress because people tend not to remember the product just the aggressive nature of the add. The need of aggress usually shows anger and violence in the ads. The sixth appeal is the need to achieve and most advertiser use celebrities to sell their product saying that if you use that specific product you can be as great and successful as them. The seventh appeal is the need to be dominate this appeal is to shower power over its environment. The eighth appeal is the need of prominence which is the need to be admired and respected. Many car commercials use this appeal in their ads. The ninth appeal is the need for attention which is the need to be looked up to. Hair coloring is the perfect example of this appeal because the commercials have them showing off how their hair color hides their grey. The tenth appeal is the need for autonomy which companies that ben around for years use to sell their product just by their name. Visa is the perfect example of this they try to get you to sign up for their credit card based on their name and their history. The eleventh appeal is the need to escape. Many vacation ads use this appeal to get you to vacation at their resort to escape all your worries. The twelfth appeal is the need to feel safe. Alarm companies use this appeal to sell their protective services for your

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