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Has big data improved amazon as a company


This research paper will focus on answering the question “ Has big data improved amazon as a company?” The objectives of this assignment is to examine why the timeline of amazon is relevant to big data. An additional objective is to explore whether amazon have met the needs of its customers through e-commerce and whether the technology in place can be deemed beneficial to the company. An additional objective is to determine if any ethical or security issues are involved. This will be determined by academic sources as this should give an accurate account of any resulting issues. Whether big data has improved amazon as a company is not immediately known. This essay will therefore address
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Utilizing different segments with positive outcomes is often difficult for organizations. ‘For most businesses it is simply unrealistic to satisfy the entire diverse customer needs in the marketplace' (Dibb, 1998: p.394). Amazon is one of the few that can, or at least makes great effort to do. Many other online companies have only recently followed their idea. Amazon’s system breaks the conventional rules of market segmentation. Each customer is his or her very own segment, targeted by one versatile, adaptive system able to meet their personal characteristics by suggesting a set of products at a number of prices from low, second hand to brand new. The system exemplify customer relations management. Amazon is a target marketer, for marketers. ‘Each customer is assigned a unique number… Companies have databases for sales, marketing, service, inventory, payments, and so on' (Buttle, 2009: p.103). Amazon exploits a complex, controversially patented Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which the site draws from to personalize its content toward the customer and supplements functions such as the “one-click”. This patented technology bolsters its reputation and gives it an edge against …show more content…
This assignment has presented three main points why big data is so crucial. Firstly, Amazon is widely praised for having pioneered web-based customer relations, setting an industry benchmark in market-leading technological infrastructure. Secondly Amaxon offer anonline personal service

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