Amazon's Mission Statement In The Amazon Company: Jeff Bezos

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Register to read the introduction… Jeff Bezos has publicly referred to the company’s mission statement as a driving force behind many of hs decisions during the company’s history. Therefore, the company’s success as the world’s top online retailer is due at least in part to management’s commitment to the execution of the mission. The company’s mission statement clearly articulates its values that will guide organizational actions (“to be earth’s most customer centric company”). It does not specify some narrow market; it rather expresses the company’s vision to perform on a global scale. The statement does not describe means by which company intends to develop in the future. The reasons for this are that means by which the company plans to develop might change and it would not be feasible to adjust statement accordingly every time. Products and services are not specified because the company sales wide range of products and offers various services. Inclusion of all these details would make mission statement too complex and ineffective in reaching the general public. However, the current mission statement provides good context for action, and company’s actions are consistent with the …show more content…
Moreover, attractive prices, customer satisfaction, and convenience and reliability that offers are real. Therefore, the offered mission statement is an actual working document and not a public relation statement that declares company’s claims, which are not supported by …show more content…
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