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  • Analysis Of The ZIKA Virus

    lack of biological research leads to Increasing the cases of ZIKV in the world. This project sheds light on the mystery novel that allows ZIKV invasion and infection the host cells. A penetration process of ZIKA virus occurs by binding with Gas6 protein or (Growth arrest-specific 6) that leads to activate the Axl protein and release a downstream cascade of signaling within the cells, moreover, Axl signaling plays a significant role in protecting the human cell from stranger guests through a marvelous process called fluid-phase uptake. The hypothesis is a ZIKA virus follows the comparable manner to Axl-dependent Ebola virus uptake and we could summarize this manner in three stages: 1) Infection with ZIKA virus leads to flip the host phospholipids PS from inside to the outside of the host cell and helps to generate ZIKA virions that are surrounded by host lipids 2) ZIKV can interact with indirectly Axl through binding to Gas6. 3) ZIKA utilize AXl and PLC to invade into the host cells through…

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  • The Phospholipids: The Plasma Membrane

    cell membrane is found in every cell. The cell membrane is around 7-10nm, making it difficult to view even with a transmission scanning electron microscope (it only shows a double black line), this means that no one knows exactly what the membrane looks like. All membranes have the same basic structure made up from phospholipids (fats). The membrane is made up of a phospholipid bilayer; consisting of a polar phosphate head and two fatty acid tails. The head is made from an alcohol and glycerol…

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  • Phospholipids Lab Report

    Introduction An organelle divides the inside form the outside. It helps to maintain homeostasis. Its structure is phospholipid bilayer with associate protein. The phospholipid has a hydrophobic tail, it does not like water, and hydrophilic head meaning it likes water. A bilayer means that there is two layers of the phospholipids the heads stick out and the tails touch each other staying away from the water. The proteins divide the group of phospholipids from each other. There are three…

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  • Nonpolar Parts Of A Phospholipid Essay

    What are the nonpolar parts of a phospholipid? c. Tail group 4. This is the only polar portion of a cholesterol molecule and it forms hydrogen bonds with the polar heads of phospholipids. d. –OH group 5. This type of membrane protein will extend throughout the entire membrane touching both the Intracellular fluid and the Extracellular fluid. e. Integral proteins f. Transmembrane proteins g. Integral proteins and Transmembrane proteins Ans: D …

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  • Phospholipid Bilayer Cell Membrane Lab Report

    Homeostasis is defined as keeping the variables and conditions of a system constant and regulating the internal conditions. In a biological system at the cellular level, this can be defined as the process of maintaining stable conditions inside a cell, such as a normal pH, salinity, and ion concentration, to keep the cell healthy. There are several parts of the cell that play a role in homeostasis, but one of the more prominent ones is the phospholipid bilayer membrane. The cell membrane…

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  • Plasma Membrane Structure Model

    In 1935, the first plasma membrane structure model was introduced by Danielli and Davson. They proposed that the membrane is made of phospholipid bilayer that consists of hydrophobic head and the hydrophilic tail. Hydrophilic head, which is polar, facing towards the water molecules and said to be coated with protein. Hydrophilic tail, which is non-polar is not facing water molecules and sandwiched between the two bilayers. At regular intervals of the surface of the plasma membrane, there are…

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  • Falsification Of The Davson And Danielli Model

    being discovered in 1855, played a key role in research regarding cell membranes. After the discovery its discovery , many scientists put out data regarding the cell membrane. Their research was compiled my Davson and Danielli so that the could create a model that proved that globular proteins surrounded both outer surfaces. However due to advances in the scientific their model would be proven false. In 1935 Hugh Davson and James Danielli created a model of the cell membrane. This…

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  • Antimicrobial Peptide Lab Report

    Most antimicrobial peptides contain well-defined cationic domains and display a net positive charge ranging from +2 to +9. Cationicity is important as it influences the degree of electrostatic attraction of antimicrobial peptides towards negatively charged phospholipid membranes of bacteria and other microorganisms. Consequently, the polycationic AMPs are selectively attracted to the negatively charged bacterial targets but not to the mammalian cells, which is the very first step in their…

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  • Functions, Role, And Structure Of A Cell Membrane

    “Phospholipids make up the basic structure of a cell membrane.” (“Cell Membrane: Functions, Role, and Structure,” 2003) It is not a solid. Some of the things the plasma membranes need in order to carry out it’s functions is lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. They move freely and fluidly in the plane of the membrane. Lipids, made up of glycerol, two fatty acid tails, and a phosphate- linked head group, are used to make a barrier between the cell and its environment. Phospholipids are the main…

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  • Lipid Chromatography Lab Report

    approached the top of the silica gel strip, and drew a line across the stip. To view the experiment more clearly, Amino black solution was sprayed on the silica gel strip and dried with a blow dryer. Once it had dried, the silica gel strip was placed in a Coplin jar containing iodine crystals for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) (Harris-Haller, Ninth Edition). After the allotted time, the strip was observed and the results were recorded in table 3-2. Results The lipid chromatography experiment…

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