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  • Final Reflection Report

    opportunities to write three short essay, including Narrative, Evaluation, and Proposal and Research in the past three months which were very challenging to me due to my limited experience on writing these kind of article. Also, I studied elementary school and high school in Hong Kong, I found it difficult to have the sense on recognizing grammatical and linguistic mistake in my essay. Through reading other classmates’ work, it allowed me…

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  • Photo Editing Essay

    is no longer what it was or should be” (Webster) view on body image for both men and women. Media uses tools such as Photoshop to change the model into a so-called perfect human form, which is usually unnatural and unachievable by the average person. Eating disorders, and low self-esteem seem to be a side effect of this. Media should not be so quick to change the human form because doing so is having a negative effect on both men and women’s mental state. Medias most well know tool is photo…

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  • Photo Identification Essay

    Whenever you go to the bank or buy a plane ticket you have to show some sort of photo identification. With advance technology it is a lot easier to take someone’s identity and use it to their benefit. The government has worked on utilizing ids on anything that deals with the state. It has expanded all the way to having some form of identification when voting in the elections. In the past people did not need any form of identification to vote. It is stated in the 15th Amendment of the US…

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  • Visualizing A Photo Essay

    Unless it was an extremely private moment, you had to dig past the memory of a photograph in your head in order to find a memory. That is because photographs do a great portion of our remembering for us, which is both good and bad. A photo can mean an endless amount of completely unique things to any individual. Whenever I think of a photograph, depending on what is pictured, I could have a memory of an event that took place in my life come to mind, possibly wonder about the feelings of those…

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  • Photoshop Is Ethical Essay

    society that’s exposed to the many advertisements that uses manipulative body images to sell yet they’re unreal. Many people don’t even notice what’s real and what’s artificial in these photos. Photoshop shouldn’t be argued if it is good or bad since it results in people suffering from low self-esteem, poor body images and to some extremity, eating disorders. Having low self-esteem caused by photoshop, makes girls feel like they have to achieve the ideal body that the picture portrays. Along…

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  • Henri Cartier-Bresson Research Paper

    He was imprisoned for three years until 1943 (Scharf). Afterwards he works to free prisoners and escapees from imprisonment. In 1946 Cartier-Bresson begins his work as a professional photographer. He began by taking portraits of famous writers and artists (“Biography”). In 1947 he started a photography agency named “Magnum Photos” along with Robert Capa and a few other photographers. In 1948 Cartier-Bresson travels to India for three years in order to document the death of Gandhi (“Henri”). He…

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  • Reflective Essay: Explaining Oneself Into Ten Photos

    Trying to condense oneself into ten photos is no easy task, especially because it invariably makes one think about how it is one truly describes oneself and who one is in relation to the world around oneself. Nonetheless, it is something I must do. Therefore, allow me to endeavor to explain myself. We should start, I think, with my promise ring. I got it in my early adolescence for forty dollars, the first thing I ever saved up for and bought on my own. I regularly attended church in one form…

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  • Applying My Reflection

    addressing the prompt and getting the main point across. I strengthened the weakness of not addressing the prompt by attempting to write thoroughly explicit bullet points for the writing prior to forming the rough draft. I then worked on ways that I could repair that mistake which then leads to attempting to make the prompt be addressed in a creative mindset. I improved on addressing the prompt when we had to write a photo-synthesis essay in which we had to address the different forms and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Goals In My Writing

    and my writing has excelled. I now seamlessly include transitions and advanced word choices into my writing. I have also been putting much more time and effort into every essay and I have been pushing myself very hard to better my writing. I followed through with the steps by studying the rhetorical terms at least twice every week and by trying not to overuse online resources. Throughout second semester there were not any new…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career As A Pharmacist

    investigative field essay, annotated bibliography and literature review, rhetorical analysis, and the multimodal proposal and project. Each assignment encompasses a topic that relates back to my major as chemistry, or my projected occupation as a pharmacist. I hope to have my assignments demonstrate key skills I have gained within ENC 2135: compose texts that integrate the writer’s ideas with sources; analyzing and interpreting complex texts and representations of meaning in a variety of…

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