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  • Anna Atkins Essay

    Anna Atkins, the first women photographer, had many talents and I chose her book covers “Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns” because I thought it was the best example that both spoke about what she did for photography as well as science. Her work was not just art but it itself was groundbreaking for other women photographers and scientist alike. This process, of documenting ferns, allowed people to understand what they looked like, size and scale, giving proof to science and the botanist community on their existence and important documentary need. Her images allowed for women, in her time, to see that there was more to photography then just a portrait shot - also giving women a real stand alone place in a field, science and photography, where is was dominated by men. An artist herself who drew and was a published novelist already, had the background foundation to created a book that is both beautiful art as well as important research to botany. Atkins and her father were both taught under Talbots teachings on the process of photography, the different ways to apply sunlight to make an image. Talbots writes on the uses of light, “For example, nothing can be more perfect than the images it gives of leaves and flowers, especially with a summer sun: the light passing through the leaves delineates every ramification of their nerves.” (Talbot 31). I would like to think that part of Talbots loves of nature and light rubbed off on Atkins spurring her to take of the challenge…

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  • Man Ray Research Paper

    expression is required to the famous French artist Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), played the violin since then the French have become all about artistic hobby is called by its name. Man Ray (1890-1976) - French and American artist, photographer and filmmaker, whose work has had a tremendous impact on avant-garde art of the XX century, from Dada and surrealism to the abstract and commercial photography. In 1908 - 1912 years. Man Ray studied art in New York. Man Ray became interested…

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  • Decisive Moment In Photography

    who works in a medium inextricable linked to reality” (Weiss 24). To achieve an effective abstract photograph, one must take a reality and twist it until it’s no longer recognizable. The subject of an abstract image can range from plant life to architecture; there is no subject that cannot be abstracted. Abstract photography became present in America in the early 20th century. Around that time, a group of photographers that named themselves Group f/64 were forerunners in the abstract field. With…

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  • GAONA Case Summary

    months of probation. Thus GAONA is prohibited from owning/possessing any firearm under 29800(a) (1) PC and he is also prohibited from owning/possessing any ammunition under 30305(a) PC. In the first photograph posted on May 3, 2016 GAONA posted a picture on his facebook account of what appears to be a dead rabbit next to what I believe to be a rifle on the ground. GONA’s caption in the photograph was, “Fuck yeah already hit a big jack today thru the neck with the 357 n I just got here 5…

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  • Lyra's Dynamic Character In The Golden Compass

    ambitious, highly-intelligent, and ruthless man, a Byronic character. He’s also described as being like Satan in Paradise Lost. Lord Asriel was a highly respected member of the British aristocracy, and had acquired a lot of money and land. This changed when he had an affair with Mrs. Coulter who was already married to Edward Coulter, a politician. They had a child together, and Edward found out and came after them, resulting in a duel between Lord Asriel and himself, which Lord Asriel won.…

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  • Great Expectations Film Analysis

    character here is made to lose, and he knows it, although he marries Estella, he knows the attraction that is between Estella and Finn. SETTINGS We have to pay attention to the settings, totally different from other adaptations. The Florida gulf replaces the marshes of England. We travel from Kent and London to Florida and New York. Satis house is renamed “Paradiso Perduto”, an extremely symbolical name but also a reference to Miss Dinsmore’s story (the name given to Miss Havisham). The scenes…

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