Decisive Moment In Photography

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There are many genres of photography. From Astrophotography to wedding photography, there is a category of photography for any field of study or occasion. When Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first photograph in 1827, it started out as a blurry image on a piece of metal. As time progressed, photography has transitioned into a field of innovation and creativity. With Muybridge pioneering the study of photographing motion and Steven Sasson inventing the digital camera, there have been many great feats of technology stemming from photography. While many parts of photography can be used for research and science, photography is most commonly practiced as a fine art. No matter how photography is practiced, there is a genre for everybody. According …show more content…
Street photography is like the fine-art version of photojournalism. Much like photojournalism, street photography captures the everyday moments of regular people in ways that fascinate the viewer. Famous street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson conceived the idea of the “Decisive Moment” in photography. This term essentially relates to the specific moment that creates a good shot. While this “moment” can be hard to come by, street photography celebrates the idea of always being prepared to use your camera. In his book Street Photography, Clive Scott says that, “street photography depicts predicaments as (hopefully) temporary, a glitch in a colourful and varied existence” (Scott 7). The genre of photography commends the importance of the everyday. While there isn’t an emphasis on capturing the highs and lows of life, the basis of the genre is to highlight the simplicity and normalcy of life. A good street photograph could be a child playing on the street or an elderly couple sitting together on a bench. Street photography reminds us that there is more in life than war and destruction. There can be beautiful and simple moments in everyday

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