Forensic Photography Essay

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In the art of Photography there are quite a few genres in the subject, many serve various purposes. Some tend to serve multiple purposes at the same time, Like how a Fine Art photo may also serve as perfect example of a Documentary photo. Photography is a strange subject where it wasn’t seen as fine art until more recently so it is a still developing platform. Other types of genre in photography would be things such as; Arial, Nature, Night, Fine Art, Astrophotography, Microscopic, Forensic, Sports, Scientific. The list can go on and on and on without end due to the various needs of photography. The function of photography in itself is to capture things, places, people, and to do so as objectively as possible. However there is the debate of true photographic truth that can be said. That is why some Genre in photography may be seen as more reliable than others for whatever the consumer may desire.
Photography in Fine Art has many genres already, so to go
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This is quite different from the case of Black and White where there is leeway in the artist 's intent, whereas in Documentary the artist 's intent is Photographic truth and accuracy.
Forensic Photography is another medium that is widely accredited for photographic truth, due the the imperative need for accuracy. Forensic Photography was a revolution in the field of Crime Scene Investigation, It made it easier to study cases and crime scenes for major crimes.
As well as Documentary style Forensic photography is also very dependent on being objective, as well as accurate and truthful. The way CSI Forensic photos are done is it’s usually a very evenly lit photograph of things such as, car crashes, dead bodies, blood splatter, forcefully broken doors, or other evidence deemed important. A majority of the photographs are archived after the case is closed in case it is needed some other time. The field of CSI benefits

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