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  • Understanding A Photograph By John Berger

    book Understanding a Photograph, he argues that there is a distinct discontinuity between an individual viewing a photo, and the actual photo. A picture solely preserves a single moment in time, and while they often act to tell a story, the medium cannot be fully interpreted without knowing the story that surrounds it. Although there is a definite connection between a photograph and the narrative that corresponds with it, the photo is only a visual aid for the story; it does not tell us everything like the written piece does. I agree with Berger’s argument that photographs can shape the written story that is told about a single character through invoking various responses, emotions, feelings, and interpretations between the…

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  • Steve Mccurry: Afghan Girl

    photographer who has several masterpieces including his photograph of Sharbat Gula known as “ Afghan Girl” which is the most recognizable photograph in the National Geographic. Although his work is world-renowned there are many critics and controversies over his photographs because of his misuse of Photoshop. Many photographers use Photoshop when editing their photos, but the extent that McCurry used it questions his integrity as a photographer. He did not edit brightness, or add focus, he…

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  • What Makes Ansel Adams Have Photos Unique

    In Focus: Ansel Adams Photography Why people love photographs? Photographs are the treasured memories of our life experiences. It reminds us of the beautiful things we observe, perceives, adore and complete or achieve. The question is what it takes to capture creative and quality photos? On 1902, Ansel Adams a well-known American photographer was born in San Francisco California with the passion in photography and natural environment. His passion leads his way to creatively photographed and…

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  • On Photography Susan Sontag Analysis

    explore the world. Susan Sontag, author of On Photography, has an alternate point of view on photography. Sontag infers that photography lets us know of how we think about the world on the off chance that we acknowledge it as the camera records it. Essentially, photography is taking pictures, but it involves the photographer's view utilizing a camera to record both a physical reality and an internal reality. Sontag's claim of photography constrains our comprehension of the world is a great…

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  • Reflection On TJ Mcchaul's Artist Statement

    to locations where you can get amazing footage. I enjoyed all five of the artists mentioned and watched a few of their time-lapses hoping something would inspire me for my final project. While I did like all of the photographer’s visuals I also enjoyed their stories behind what they were shooting. I decided to make my own story and present it in a form of a time-lapse. At the start I had to explore the technology and techniques behind time-lapse photography and incorporate this…

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  • Sexual Dependency Exhibition Analysis

    For my exhibition review paper, I decided to go to MoMA and see Nan Goldin 's: The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. This exhibition caught my eye because of the photographs ive seen by Nan Goldin and what I read about this exhibition. Going into MoMA, I didn’t know what to expect, I expected mostly nudity and drugs because of the big warning that was placed in the very entrance of the exhibition. It also mentioned that she was one of the many protagonists in this series of photographs and that it…

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  • Elfie Huntington Bagley

    Elfie Huntington Bagley Introduction Elfie Huntington Bagley (fig. 1), a Springville, Utah native, produced a vast number of photographs between the years of 1892 and 1949. Elfie, while primarily working in Springville, Utah, traveled the entire state and the Mountain West making photographs. Her photography tells a story of life in Utah at the turn of the twentieth century. In her work, she shows a particular interest in photographing the lives of women. Her photographs of women and girls…

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  • Museum Of Modern Art

    its description, which there allows one to recognize the progression of different cultures. Following the path of the pictures, each image displays a sprinkle of randomness within its own detail. The formation of the photos continue to progress like a timetable, like photos taken from WWII which express all types of known and unknown activities that took place during that decade of mass destruction. The curator gave the public a chance to judge through perspective and assimilate these…

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  • Filip Dujardin Summary

    Chapter Three: Filip Dujardin Filip Dujardin is a photographer who has explored manipulation of photographs through Photoshop. Dujardin’s work is photographs of unrealistic and amazingly complicated buildings that have a very unique and different style to them (Decor). The photo to the left is an excellent example of what Dujardin’s work looks like, it has a very unique and real look, however because of the complexity and impossibly it is known that the building isn’t real. The use of color is…

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  • Photography Susan Sontag Analysis

    objective capture, the photographer ultimately selects which experiences are significant and how to illustrate that in a photograph. A picture is, indeed, worth…

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