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  • Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of The American Dream

    was promoted to chief executive officer of a company after several years of employment and schooling. I worked over sixty hours a week, I was sleep deprived, and I didn 't spend much time on leisure. Despite that, I had a high ranking position, owned an enormous house, drove a luxury car, and I couldn 't wait for the two weeks of vacation I took every year. Working hard all year gave me some time for pleasure and relaxation. However, today, sitting on the beach of the mesmerizingly beautiful cove, Maya Bay, I know differently. Happiness isn 't a state of being to be attained in the future, but rather a way of life to be chosen in the present. I arrived at Ko Phi Phi Don a few months ago. As soon as I stepped off the ferry that took us from Phuket to the island, I knew this trip was going to be different from the rest I have taken so far. I picked up my suitcase and started walking towards the sign that welcomed the visitors. A multitude of locals greeted me advertising their bungalows, long-tail boat tours, and souvenirs to take home. I strolled through the narrow dirt streets lined with small shops, bars, and massage salons. Even though the place seemed as busy as a Monday morning in Manhattan, it gave me a sense of tranquility. It was hectic in the way that it was full of life. “I give you good price!” shop keepers shouted at tourists. Kids were playing and running barefoot, people talked animatedly, others simply were enjoying the sun with a coconut drink in their hand. I…

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  • Regionalism In Canada

    representatives, relating to the emergence of party politics (Henderson and Ailsa 2004). Canada failing to establish a stable two party system shows how divided Canadian opinions are (Blake 1972). The complexity of regionalism makes it difficult to postulate about regional variation in voting behavior (Blake 1972). Henderson and Ailsa (2004) commented on Elkins and Simeon’s conclusion described four categories where regional groups fit in pertaining to “variation in efficacy and (political)…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Taliban

    their side of the story through it and influence the local public perception. (FROM PETER DAHL) Hamid Karzai was elected the President in 2004 and brought back all the government officials who were overthrown by Taliban. However people did not favour this government to their official police chiefs and district police chiefs. As days passed, the Police became more and more corrupt and would repeatedly rod, murder and abuse locals in their districts. People became more frustrated with the…

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  • David Brooks Narrative

    sun shines hot through a clear blue sky. He feels warm all over. Did he squeeze off the round? Is this what it feels like being dead? “Two Six Romeo, this is Foxtrot Actual, over,” a voice crackles through the static. Startled, he looks for the source of the signal. Slowly but surely his reality begins merging into another kind of space. He was sitting in his wheelchair, but the world around him is changing, shifting and becoming something else. “Two Six Romeo, this is Foxtrot Actual. Do you…

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  • Concepts Of The Computerized Enrolment System In Isabela State University

    A PROPOSED COMPUTERIZED ENROLMENT SYSTEM FOR LUNA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, LUNA, ISABELA A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Computing and Information Technology Isabela State University Cauayan Campus In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology JUAN A. DELA CRUZ January 2009 Republic of the Philippines ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY Cauayan Campus APPROVAL SHEET The thesis study attached entitled…

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  • The Rugmaker Of Mazar E-Sharif Analysis

    The author of The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, Narja Mazari escaped from the Taliban to Australia to only be treated like a prisoner in a detention centre in Woomera. The camp of Woomera is in the southern states of Australia. Mazari then met with Robert Hillman who helped him write up Mazari’s autobiography. The reader can tell that the author is in a “prison-like” centre by the way he describes the setting. The use of language informs the reader about the author about Mazari’s attitudes and…

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  • My Mother: The Most Special Person In My Life

    My Mother: “The Most Special Person in My Life” Angels could not be everywhere, so God sent his best ones to take care of us, our mothers. The most loving beings that are always there when you need them the most. An unconditional love since the moment of the conception until their last breath on earth. My mother is the sixth child out of nine sisters and one brother. They were nine children who brought up in a very loving and big family. She was born in Santiago, Province of Veraguas in Panama,…

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  • What Is The Dual Approach

    Part Two – The “Dual” Approach In the face of these flaws, this essay proposes a “dual” approach would be more effective in enhancing both human and state security. This “dual” approach recognizes the synchronicity of Human Security and State security, meaning that the relationship between the two concepts is less of a “cause and effect” relationship, but rather that the advancement of one is likely to relate to the advancement of the other, and the degradation of one will likely result in the…

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  • The Cyclone Disaster: Cyclone Megi

    though October 16 2010. It continued in a north west direction, at around the end of October 16 2010 Megi was upgraded to a category 4 cyclone. For the entirety of October 17 2010 Megi was a level 5 cyclone, the most powerful level. At approximately 11:25 am on the 18th of October 2010 cyclone Megi, currently at a category 5, hit Isabela province. As shown in figure 1.2. The island of Luzon, which is the larger land mass at the most northern part of the Philippines, was were the cyclone hit and…

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  • Gender Roles In Amir And Hassan's The Kite Runner

    “The sole equality on earth, is death.” - Philip James Bailey The struggle towards equality has always been a form of conflict within society. Several factors may interfere with this becoming of equality, examples being the dispute between races, gender roles, and wealthiness - in this case being Pashtuns and Hazaras. To demonstrate this inconvenience, we can visualize two boys from The Kite Runner; Amir and Hassan (referring to them at their younger age). Visualizing these boys throughout the…

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