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  • Father Daughter Relationships In The Movie Crash By Paul Haggis

    citizens of the vast city of Los Angeles and yet manages to emphasize the key similarities all these characters have: their relationships with the individuals that surround them. One such relationship featured in this 2004 Drama film is that of a father and his daughter, to which Haggis offers two portrayals that speak volumes of the truth that though circumstances differentiate these characters ' lives, their relationship with his or her father or daughter unify them. Through these two father-daughter relationships, Haggis reveals the power of endeavors to protect loved ones. One of the most heart-pounding of scenes in the plot is first foreshadowed with a Persian father and daughter trying to purchase a gun and ammunition, this opening scene for these characters defines the intricate relationship between Farhad, a Persian shop owner, and his daughter Dorri. Dorri is translating for her father, who understands little English, but recognizes racism when it yells him in the face. The man selling them the gun is causing the situation to get out of hand but Dorri is persistent in trying to keep everything under control. In this we see the love Dorri has for her father and her…

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  • Analysis Of Sweet Sour And Resentful By Firoozeh Dumas

    Foods Within Traditions In her article, “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful,” Firoozeh Dumas directs us through on how her mom readies a feast. She gives us detailed description on how her mom cooks the food she is planning to serve the guests by starting out from the grocery till the part that the food is ready to be served. She writes about how because of their Iranian traditions they have to prepare a Persian feast for their newcomer friends and family, yet her mother always brought happiness to…

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  • Persian Poetry Analysis

    order to bring harmony between Persian poetry and contemporary social and political issues. They argued that they could not use the old vehicles for carrying the new concepts. In this regard, according to Karimi-Hakkak, “[T]he new poetry is said to differ from the old in that it no longer follows the rigid formal rules and generic divisions of the classical poetry or of the contemporary practice modeled on it,” (Recasting Persian Poetry 3). Breaking from the formal rules of poetry began in the…

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  • The Rugmaker Of Mazar E-Sharif Analysis

    by the way he describes the setting. The use of language informs the reader about the author about Mazari’s attitudes and values, for example the word “heartsick” is repeated two times indicates that the author is homesick. The author also use emotive language to describe what he feels such as the author utilized the work “heartsick” which gives the sense that Mazari was homesick…

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  • Summary Of I Turn The Lights Off By Kelaris

    Kamran Talattof pays attention to the ideas of the proponents of modern Persian literature who “[C]laimed to understand modernity and to know their readers’ tastes and expectations for social change” (Politics of Writings 23). Ahmad Shamlu—one of the important Iranian modernist poets—states that addressing the social issues, showing masses’ requests, and empowering ordinary people are the main duties of new poetry (Ibid…

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  • Perso-Islamic History

    The Samanids were part of a greater collation of local dynastic regions that sought to defray the orthodox traditions of installing a Arabic descendent of Muhammad to govern the Persian peoples. In some ways, the local Samanid government was primarily Sunni, but the government was very tolerant of Buyid Twelver Shias that were in close regional proximity. These regional dynasties defined the important role of religious tolerance and the flexible policies of Sunni traditions that favored…

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  • Rhetoric In The Pianist

    For my preliminary proposal I wanted to look at the rhetoric arguments between the print and film version of the same story. I then Identified three books, which had been turned into films that I wanted to analyze: The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, The Pianist, and Defiance. But as you pointed out, doing all three films in depth would be extremely difficult for one project. From this I have refined my research intention quite a bit, I still want to look at the difference in rhetoric between film…

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  • Elie Wiesel's Night: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

    Night Essay To dehumanize is to deprive someone of compassion, civility, or individuality. During the Holocaust, the Nazis used dehumanization to belittle Jews to mere “things”; objects with no purpose other than to be a nuisance. The Nazis were brutal in their endeavor to wipe out the “insignificant and worthless” Jewish race, mainly forcing their despicable horrors upon the Jewish people in German concentration camps. Although the majority of the dehumanization of the Jews was in German…

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  • Theme Of Adversity In Night By Elie Wiesel

    The loss of a thousand stars began on the night of January 30, 1933. The first train arrives in Dachau. The word spreads of Hitler 's plans, that will soon begin World War II. It wasn’t until 1938 that the rest of the world discovers Hitler’s true plan for evacuating the Jews. Hitler had his mind set on world domination but his hate for the Jewish people would not allow him to focus on his greatest goal. The Germans had removed all Jews from Germany, Poland, and Soon moved toward Sighet…

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  • Merchant Of Venice Pride And Prejudice Act 1 Scene 1 Essay

    I’ve chosen scene 1 and 3 of Act 3 to focus on how my understanding has deepened about Shylock. In scene 1, Shylock expresses his extreme hatred towards Antonio, his pitiful plight due to the racist stereotypes and ostracization on Jews and his anger and agony in losing his daughter, Jessica. From lines 40-68, Shylock expresses his extreme undying hatred towards Antonio, his agony in how the Christian community has dealt him unreasonably and heartlessly. This can be seen when Shylock…

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