Personal Narrative: My Pursuit Of The American Dream

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There is no price to pay for happiness
I used to believe I had to work hard and obey the rules to achieve the American Dream. A few years ago, I was promoted to chief executive officer of a company after several years of employment and schooling. I worked over sixty hours a week, I was sleep deprived, and I didn 't spend much time on leisure. Despite that, I had a high ranking position, owned an enormous house, drove a luxury car, and I couldn 't wait for the two weeks of vacation I took every year. Working hard all year gave me some time for pleasure and relaxation. However, today, sitting on the beach of the mesmerizingly beautiful cove, Maya Bay, I know differently. Happiness isn 't a state of being to be attained in the future, but rather
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I spent the first few days of my vacation lying on the beach, relaxing after a year of hard work. Even if for the time being, that was my slice of paradise. I started exploring the island and mingled with the locals. Astonished by the way people lived their everyday lives, I asked them questions, “How is a typical day for you?”, and “How do you make money?” I was eager to get to know them better. It seemed there was much less off the extravagant lifestyle I was used to back home, nevertheless everyone had a stress-free smile on their face. I started to feel a change in my views, but even then, could never imagine myself living without the comforts of home. The switch in my perspective on life came after I signed up for a day tour to Maya Bay on the Shangri-la …show more content…
He was a very easy-going man, who spent his days working as a tour guide and a sailor. After moving down to Phi Phi from England five years ago, he bought his yacht, and opened his own business. During high season he took tourists on trips to the surrounding islands, and the rest of the year he traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries with his crew. He had a deep passion for traveling and discovering new places; I envied the freedom he described. “Day after day, I hear tourists complaining about the fact that they don’t want their vacation to end, to have to go back to the hamster wheel. I consider myself to be a successful man, to live a life others only get to experience for a short while” he told me thoughtfully. Those words stayed with me for a long time, and I couldn 't shake the thought even after I got off the boat and walked back to my

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