Helmand Province

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  • Swot Analysis Of Taliban

    rod, murder and abuse locals in their districts. People became more frustrated with the government and therefore welcomed the Taliban back. Not only the common public but also former Taliban militants who were trying to stay out of trouble after being overthrown were also being harassed by the police. This led Taliban in the province of Uruzgan and Kandahar province to resort back to armed rebellion. There persisted intertribal rivalry and predatory rule which the public resisted. Which was one of the major causes why the Taliban resurrected in Helmand. The government favoured certain tribes who were given power to control all government posts and had an aggressive outlook towards those communities who were perceived to support the Taliban. The Taliban started entering the districts of Sangin and Musa Qala to fight the government. Appearing on the borders of Hyderabad, they started killing government officials and slowly started gaining power. One of the mail reasons for their growth of power was the support of the people which further led to their increase in their military strength. This is can be proven by the fact that in Nad-e Ali district in Helmand, when the Taliban first entered they covered their faces initially as they were afraid of the people, but seeing the budding support, the Taliban’s were encouraged, became more confident and powerful. The main reason why the public was angered was because the British tried to stop the opium production and started to…

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  • David Brooks Narrative

    The sun shines hot through a clear blue sky. He feels warm all over. Did he squeeze off the round? Is this what it feels like being dead? “Two Six Romeo, this is Foxtrot Actual, over,” a voice crackles through the static. Startled, he looks for the source of the signal. Slowly but surely his reality begins merging into another kind of space. He was sitting in his wheelchair, but the world around him is changing, shifting and becoming something else. “Two Six Romeo, this is Foxtrot Actual. Do you…

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  • Taliban Case Study

    to gain political power and have the authority to make decisions for the country. Their views on what is abuse and violence differ substantially from those of international law, since they are broadly based on what is allowed in Jihad and appears to be more stringent. They wanted to redress whatever harm had been done by them before they were overthrown in 2001. This says a lot about their intentions to become a force concerned with people’s interests and politically strong. However the…

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  • What Is The Dual Approach

    Part Two – The “Dual” Approach In the face of these flaws, this essay proposes a “dual” approach would be more effective in enhancing both human and state security. This “dual” approach recognizes the synchronicity of Human Security and State security, meaning that the relationship between the two concepts is less of a “cause and effect” relationship, but rather that the advancement of one is likely to relate to the advancement of the other, and the degradation of one will likely result in the…

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  • The Rugmaker Of Mazar E-Sharif Analysis

    The author of The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, Narja Mazari escaped from the Taliban to Australia to only be treated like a prisoner in a detention centre in Woomera. The camp of Woomera is in the southern states of Australia. Mazari then met with Robert Hillman who helped him write up Mazari’s autobiography. The reader can tell that the author is in a “prison-like” centre by the way he describes the setting. The use of language informs the reader about the author about Mazari’s attitudes and…

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  • Sangin Research Paper

    Sangin, Afghanistan is a graveyard for U.S troops and Allied forces. From 2009 to 2012 no other district in Afghanistan has claimed more lives of coalition forces than the Sangin district. The United States and British troops combined have lost over 162 service members while being deployed to the area. While I was deployed to Sangin in 2010, my battalion lost nine Marines in four days during the first few weeks of the deployment. By the end of our deployment, we sustained more casualties…

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  • Essay On Women In Afghanistan Society

    Oppressed, Inferior, and Unequal We all know that women’s rights are a big struggle in Afghanistan. It was worse when Afghanistan was under the Taliban rule. These women were treated unfairly, beaten for the slightest wrong move, raped, and thrown out like trash. Some women are putting up a fight and really trying to get their freedom. Unfortunately, the Afghanistan society and the way things were being ran before the Taliban fell are keeping these women from achieving the goal they want, and…

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  • Women In Afghanistan

    Once the Taliban came to rule, all social aspects of life drastically changed for the women in Afghanistan. Women had the freedom to dress and present themselves according to their liking. Women dressed themselves wearing high heels, skirts that showed their bare legs, and freely styles hair and makeup. They could leave their house to go where they wanted, like any person should be able to do. Horia Mosadiq, and Afghan women, was a young girl at the time of Russia’s invasion in Afghanistan.…

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  • Regionalism In Canada

    representatives, relating to the emergence of party politics (Henderson and Ailsa 2004). Canada failing to establish a stable two party system shows how divided Canadian opinions are (Blake 1972). The complexity of regionalism makes it difficult to postulate about regional variation in voting behavior (Blake 1972). Henderson and Ailsa (2004) commented on Elkins and Simeon’s conclusion described four categories where regional groups fit in pertaining to “variation in efficacy and (political)…

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  • My Mother: The Most Special Person In My Life

    My Mother: “The Most Special Person in My Life” Angels could not be everywhere, so God sent his best ones to take care of us, our mothers. The most loving beings that are always there when you need them the most. An unconditional love since the moment of the conception until their last breath on earth. My mother is the sixth child out of nine sisters and one brother. They were nine children who brought up in a very loving and big family. She was born in Santiago, Province of Veraguas in Panama,…

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