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  • Professional Investigator Of The Cannabis Genomic Research Project

    Learning information in class engaged and interested me throughout my academic career; however, the opportunity to discover new information through research is one of my most intellectually stimulating experiences. With my goal to learn as much as possible under Dr. Nolan Kane, the Professional Investigator of the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative (CGRI), I have expanded my traditional bench lab experience to bioinformatics, hemp breeding, and leading designing and performing my own project examining differential protein expression in Cannabis. Although I am deeply fascinated by a four letter code that encodes the human body, I am also providing myself the freedom within my research to learn about other organisms and genetic diseases that…

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  • Hemp Research Paper

    Hemp has a long history in the United States as a viable cash crop. Deeming hemp as illegal to grow is relatively recent event resulting from the passing of the Marihuana Tax Act in 1973. The earliest known cultivation was 12,000 year ago and is well documented as being used for textiles such as rope, boat sails, and fibrous paste used to caulk the hull of boats. During WWII, in response to the Pearl Harbor bombing, the United States promoted the cultivation of hemp to decrease the reliance…

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  • Marijuana Decriminalization

    The marijuana still carries a false shroud of stigma as a dangerous drug lead to harder narcotics, medical and scholarly officials have began to change the American view. The wide variety of applications of marijuana from both ingrained in our American history to hemp oil to drive our cars there are quite a few reasons to change the label on marijuana from BAD to…

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  • Hemp In Canada Essay

    Even though hemp is not marijuana and could not be used for its psychoactive qualities, or therapeutic purposes industrial hemp should be legal in Canada for its many beneficial uses; industrial hemp is a multi-purpose crop that is environmentally friendly and would be a sustainable resource in Canada’s economy. Hemp and all the products made from it are in fact legal in Canada. There are no laws in Canada or in the USA for that matter that states possession of hemp is illegal. This would…

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  • Why Is Hemp Important

    Washington was our first president, but they do not know he also grew hemp. George Washington was a promoter of hemp and has been quoted from his personal diaries “Hemp, Grow it everywhere.”(Callery 2) Hemp is a type of cannabis plant that can grow as tall as wheat and can be used to make many different and useful products. In the United States of America as of now, hemp is illegal to grow. Industrial Hemp should be legal on a federal level in the United States of America. Hemp is very…

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  • Legalizing Hemp Research Paper

    Legalizing Hemp Legalizing the use of hemp would help our economy in more ways than one. It would help give a more natural alternative to the products the United States already produces such as for food, feed, and oil. Dr. Edward from the Global Healing Center states that “Hemp is illegal to produce in the United States because of its distant relation to THC-laden cannabis sativa.” (“Hemp Production Should Be Legalized” Para. 4) The Prohibitive Marihuana Tax Law is the bill that outlawed hemp.…

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  • Miracle Or Menace Research Paper

    Miracle or Menace: Why Should Cannabis be Legal? A miracle or a menace to society? One of the biggest controversial topics of today, "should marijuana be legalized?". To define "legalize", meaning recreationally and medically in all 50 states in the U.S. Many people tend to argue the affects, the impact of people's health, the economy, etc. What is Marijuana? Marijuana is the dried buds of the Hemp plant. Marijuana is the active part of the Hemp plant that includes the psychoactive compound…

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  • Cannabis Sativa Research Paper

    There are references towards marijuana all around us. Try re-watching Scooby Doo. Shaggy always had the munchies and even had a love interest named Mary Jane. I mean what do you think Shaggy and Scooby were always doing in the back of that van! Look at That 70s Show, that’s not a cigarette they’re passing around. Give Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” a listen; they don’t even hide their reference. Cannabis has been referenced and mentioned for years and it’s use even dates back to 8000 BCE when hemp…

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  • Hemp Benefits

    Cannabis, aka hemp or marijuana, often triggers a negative connotation to people - especially because it is labeled as a dangerous drug, which one needs to avoid. Little do these people know that it actually has a lot of benefits that everyone should enjoy. Cannabis seeds, in particular, have a lot to offer. They are generally safe even if they are oily and high in fat. It has been known as a "superfood", and as years pass, scientists get to discover more perks you get out of it. What…

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  • Hemp Essay

    Legalization of marijuana has been a long issue standing in The US for hundreds of years. The origin of marijuana can date back as far as 6500 years ago. Marijuana is a plant, also known as cannabis, when it’s grown, it produces butt that create a substance known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis can also be hemp. So what is hemp? A hemp is the most durable natural soft fiber on the face of this plant. Hemp can be used to produce a rope that is one of the strongest known ropes to the…

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