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  • The Industrialization Of Andrew Carnegie And The Industrial Revolution

    His main innovations in the manufacturing industry included “cost control, low prices, low profits”(206). Many entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford and Pierre du Pont followed Carnegie’s lead. Carnegie started the trend of profit maximization by cost-cutting. Carnegie knew that “machines cost less than men,” and he also learned “what each of the man men working at the furnaces was doing” and “who saved material, who wasted it, and who produced the best results”(99). Using this data that he collected, he compared his works to one another. For those workers “who produced savings” and “whose calculations led to the Siemens Furnace-he made partners”(99). This idea was revolutionary at the time because through charting the statistics of his workers, Carnegie knew who to promote and who to fire for their inadequacies. Although this type of system bred jealousy among some workers who felt…

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  • Industrial Workers During The Gilded Age

    resulting in more stress. The rapid spread of factories during the Civil War marked the beginning of workers’ strife, as factories would provide the basis for their abuse. Factory conditions were deplorable: cramped working spaces, little to no sunlight, dangerous machines around every corner, and noxious fumes that polluted the air—all of which bound the American worker in chains and resulted in a decline of health. Just as the cotton gin revived southern slavery and increased the workload…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Most Significant Advancements In American History

    Petroleum, Chemical, Maritime Technology, Rubber, Bicycles, Automobile, Applied science, fertilizer, Engines and Turbines, Telecommunications, and Modern Business management . Having such a large number of categories and advancements in not only the United States, but in the entire world, the world seemed to explode into a new, more efficient and smarter age. With so many advancements, life went through a railroad between better and worse living situations. Many important people of this time…

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  • The Devil And Tom Walker And Rip Van Winkle Compare And Contrast Essay

    Journalist Linda Ellerbee, once stated, "People are pretty much alike. It 's only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities." People do not realize how similar they are until they determine what they have in common. We can see that people accept our differences because our differences make us who we are. Linda Ellerbee 's statement reminded me of the main characters in the stories "The Devil and Tom Walker" and "Rip Van Winkle". Tom and Rip are two…

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  • 1920s Cars Essay

    Cars of the 1920s started the age of the automobile which over time became faster, stronger, more fuel efficient and more reliable. Henry Ford plays a major role in the automotive industry in this time period. His model-T was and still is a very popular car. The cars of this time period could not reach very high speeds and the safety of these cars were dangerous. Cars were a new thing during the 1920s and have forever changed transportation and life of the average american. These cars changed…

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  • Zinn Under Control Analysis

    What does Zinn mean by “Under Control?” What I believe Zinn means by using the phrase “under control” is that the government had the opposite of over control. It is apparent the government lacked control in just about every aspect during this time. Meaning the system was out of control because there was a lack of control. The first indication that the government was loosing control during this time was found in the view of the United States citizens. People no longer had any trust in or showed…

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  • Assembly Line History

    His long lasting legacy still stands strong. Henry Ford used assembly lines for Ford Motor Co. starting in 1913 (Nye, p.254). He revolutionized the way cars were built, once again. In addition, his idea created the inspiration to later on build manufacturing processes for other products. Ford was the first to use a ground breaking “Moving assembly line” (which was similar to what is used today) (History.com). His assembly lines involved the cars being on a mechanically moving platform that…

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  • Resilience In Always Going And Going, By John Steinbeck

    “Ever’body’s askin’ that. What we comin’ to? Seems to me we don’t never come to nothin’. Always on the way. Always goin’ and goin’,” Casy stated in chapter 13 of the Grapes of Wrath. The end of the novel is strange, and incredibly open-ended. It is never revealed what happens to the Joads or who finally makes it in the end. It isn’t even known if the starving man actually survives. The final act and image in the novel is also a bit out there, with Rose of Sharon suckling this grown man to keep…

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  • Examples Of Critical Pedagogy

    Critical Pedagogy A lens through which the disadvantages faced by many people in regard to their ethnicity and gender, and how this effect their ability to learn, is the learning theory of critical pedagogy. This is similar to the theory of constructivism; both are opposed to the transmission model of communication and situate learners as active participants where they are posed problems and allowed to solve them (Lindauer, 2007). But, while constructivist learning focuses on creating valued…

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  • Theme Of Credulity In Othello

    Shakespeare’s Othello, The Moor of Venice is a play that portrays characters driven by jealousy to make hasty decisions. The play Othello is known for its themes that revolve around love, race, social classes and revenge. It is not Othello’s jealousy, but his credulity that is the prime cause of the tragedy. Othello who is known as a loving and carrying husband to Desdemona fell in trap of Iago’s plotting. Iago is known as a scheming and angry character who seeks to satisfy himself through…

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