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  • Descriptive Essay On Las Vegas

    Contextual Architecture In 2003 my family moved to a house in a newly built part of town in the neighborhood of Lamplight Village. Based on the Lamplight Village painting by Thomas Kinkade, it was beautiful. Not what you would expect from a Las Vegas home, but beautiful nonetheless. The facade of the two story home was light brown horizontal wood siding with big chocolate colored shutters, only for show of course. It had a spacious covered porch, a picturesque window seat and large leafy trees that lined the street every five feet or so. More than half the houses in the gated neighborhood had white picket fences and sprawling emerald lawns with landscaping that mirrored Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. Charming? Yes. Practical for Las Vegas? Absolutely not. And it began to show. The paintings by Thomas Kinkade, though beautiful, are not set in the desert scene, but rather in a lush green climate, perhaps the Northeast or Northwest portions of the United States. The fact that Lamplight Village and it’s siblings, Lamplight Estate, Lamplight Circle and Lamplight Glen, were built in Las Vegas in mirror image of a painting done in what looks to be Oregon shows the frequent issue of aesthetics over efficiency. Not even two years later, the picturesque siding and shutters had warped and discolored to the point of needing near constant repair. The severe lack of insulation made it freezing for the few weeks of winter and a near intolerable hot the remaining months. The manicured lawns…

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  • The Swing Thing Analysis

    documentary, Paul Whiteman was the reason for how Swing started in 1924 when he instructed George Gershwin to write “Rhapsody in Blue”, “The first pieces of symphonic jazz… A style of music that would influence classical composers,” (00:05:52-00:06:21). Moreover, the film explained the great importance Louis Armstrong’s inspiration had towards the development of Swing music, such as, the way he utilized improvisation and the feel of swing in his music. Armstrong’s style reflected a mixture of…

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  • A. D. Henderson Foundation Analysis

    Analysis of the H.D. Henderson Foundation The foundation I chose is the “A.D. Henderson Foundation –Opportunities for young children and nonprofits” http://www.hendersonfdn.org/ The A.D. Henderson Foundation was founded in 1959 by Alexander D. and Lucy E. Henderson, who reside in Broward County, Florida. Both are dedicated to improve the lives of children through education. The Henderson’s also sought to meet the constantly changing needs of our society. Through the Foundation, they strove to…

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  • Fletcher Henderson Research Paper

    FLETCHER HENDERSON James Fletcher Hamilton Henderson, Jr. (December 18, 1897 – December 29, 1952) was an American pianist, bandleader, arranger and composer, important in the development of band jazz and swing music. He was one of the most prolific black musical arrangers and his influence was vast. He was often known as Smack Henderson (apparently due to his college baseball hitting skills) .Fletcher is ranked along with Duke Elington as one of the most influential arrangers and band leaders…

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  • Virginia Henderson Nursing Theory

    In 1995, Henderson’s created a definition to the function of nursing, and was motivated to develop these ideas based on her dissatisfaction with the educational program on the mastery of nursing techniques (Henderson, 1991). The theorist purpose was to created a field in which needs necessary to strength the knowledge to obtain and maintain health were achieved, to have a balance between emotional and physiological needs of the patient, and too help a patient with the freedom of a natural…

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  • Henderson-Hasselbalch Analysis Lab

    The determination of the pH of a buffer solution and the pKa for of a weak acid Introduction A practical was carried out to show how the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation works and to apply and hone the skills of pipetting, buffer-making, pH-meter use and graphing. The primary goal of the practical was to determine the pKa value of a weak acid. The Ka is an acid dissociation constant, it is a quantitative measure of the strength of an acid in solution. The pKa is defined as the negative log of…

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  • Henderson Hasselbalch Equation For Buffers

    Since acetic acid is considered a weak acid (strong within the scale of weak acids), there is a range at which the acetic acid and acetate will form a stable buffer. Using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation for buffers, it’s possible to calculate the pH based on the ratio of acid to conjugate base, or calculate the ratio given the pH and pKa value. Finding charge on a protonated amine: The pKa value given for the amino group on any amino acid specifically refers to the equilibrium between the…

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  • Jeff Henderson Case Study Essay

    Case study Earlier come to cooking delightful five-star cuisine in hotels or restaurants, a celebrity chef Jeff Henderson was cooked something different fully dangerous is about cocaine’s. As a teenager life, he had man-made his own cocaine powder and sold the finished product in his native Los Angeles community. By the time he was aged 19, Henderson sold the finished product with earnings that would periodically total up to US $35,000 per week. He was running his own cocaine enterprise on that…

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  • Janus Henderson Enterprise Company Case Study

    Janus Henderson Enterprise Fund (JDMAX) is a major fund management business that strives towards a long-term growth of capital. The business is a merge between Henderson Group and Janus Capital Group. It is a Class C mutual fund. It has a minimum investment of $2,500.00 and has a five start overall rating from Morningstar. Each fund has different ways that the risks can be evaluated. One way that a risk can be evaluated is through beta. Beta describes how much the fund’s price moves in…

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  • Traffic Problems In Henderson County

    From a rural residents’ perspective, what thoughts come to mind when they think of a city? Overcrowded? Unsanitary? Crime Infested? Can you imagine what makes a crowded area to have negative image? Bad traffic, unfriendly environments to raise children, an education that impacts the youth from fulfilling a successful school experience and the scenery of a rural area make the city a dangerous place to live. A part of rural residents have an opinion that the city is an unhealthy place to raise…

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