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  • Becoming A Mentor

    child’s life. We cannot lose hope on the next generation. Negativity is becoming a norm. Our youth imitate what they see on magazines, televisions, and social media. When I was younger being bullied forced me to become isolated. My anger and frustrated caused my grades to decline. As I reflect, my past circumstances could have forced me to make some bad decisions. I never engaged in conversations but dancing became my outlet. I was given the privilege to be exposed to dance at my middle school and high school. Teachers, custodians, librarians and neighbors pushed me to be different and do my best. My support system was amazing but meant nothing if I didn’t believe in myself. I was fortunate be given the opportunity to attend a diverse university and be involved in multiple organization. My actions became my voice and helped me grow into a unique individual. I never wanted to become complacent with one way to mentor. I have always loved volunteering at schools in my hometown. However, I knew there were more ways I could reach out and impact a life. The Boys and Girls Club of America introduced me to the essentials of educating our youth. For the past 4 years, I have seen students grow socially and academically. A former member of the club with a consistent relatable spirit allowed students to open up and enjoy my presence. My volunteerism with this organization gave me a bigger opportunity to be a part of the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. Being a Big Sister helped…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Las Vegas

    what you would expect from a Las Vegas home, but beautiful nonetheless. The facade of the two story home was light brown horizontal wood siding with big chocolate colored shutters, only for show of course. It had a spacious covered porch, a picturesque window seat and large leafy trees that lined the street every five feet or so. More than half the houses in the gated neighborhood had white picket fences and sprawling emerald lawns with landscaping that mirrored Thomas Kinkade’s paintings.…

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  • The Swing Thing Analysis

    documentary, Paul Whiteman was the reason for how Swing started in 1924 when he instructed George Gershwin to write “Rhapsody in Blue”, “The first pieces of symphonic jazz… A style of music that would influence classical composers,” (00:05:52-00:06:21). Moreover, the film explained the great importance Louis Armstrong’s inspiration had towards the development of Swing music, such as, the way he utilized improvisation and the feel of swing in his music. Armstrong’s style reflected a mixture of…

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  • Student Affairs Division Case Study

    As mentioned previously, federal programs such as TRIO are very important to have in a student affairs division. While some of these programs are not designated to only one institution, a large portion of their clients are students at their home institution, such as Henderson State. They are able to help their students with things such as financial aid and admissions paperwork, career counseling, tutoring, and advising. This allows other departments to spend more time with students who are…

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  • Elbert Cox's Impact On Education

    Evansville College and graduate studies at Indiana University. The district of Evansville, where Elbert was brought, was racially mixed but schooling was segregated. His family were deeply religious with a love for education. At high school Elbert showed talents which made his choice of career a difficult one. He was a talented violinist but also showed remarkable talents in mathematics and physics. What must have made a decision harder to make was that Cox was awarded a music scholarship which…

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  • Classicist Say Lincoln Essay

    Word specialist State University, arranged in the city of Lexicographer, Kentucky, is a four-year open7 college with around 11,166 understudies. For 24 legitimate years, Classicist Province University has been constituted by "U.S. Greetings and Humanity Examination's Unsurpassed Colleges" as one of the top territorial colleges in the Allied States. Stream Province has reliably been among the top-positioned individuals local colleges in Kentucky. In improver to the essential grounds, Lexicologist…

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  • Analysis Of The Pace Path Plan

    A representative of the Pace Path Plan explained the acronym of the Pace Path Plan, which stood for planning, academic excellence, coaching and mentoring, and experiential learning. A question was raised after the representative’s overview of this resource addressing a concern about how they could access the Pace Path Plan and ensure that students continue to receive the encouragement and support after UNV 101, which is the course that exposes students to make a Pace Path Plan for the next four…

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  • Effects Of Pressure On Students To Get Good Grades

    then previous generations. One of the problems being students are constantly under pressure. The biggest pressure they deal with is the pressure to get good grades. They get pressure from parents, coaches, and from themselves. Why is there so much pressure on getting good grades? For most students the answer is because they worry about their future. Without good grades a students may lose scholarships, not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, and not get the job they want in…

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  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

    One can say being a full time student and college athlete is like having two full-time jobs. Student athletes are working non-stop day in and day out to not only meet academic standards but to maintain their athletic scholarship. College athletes bring millions of dollars to universities, but in return, they only receive small monthly stipends for food. With every sporting event, each student-athlete gives their all not knowing if they will get seriously injured or not. Yes, they are students,…

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  • How This Professoriate Fit Into My Career Goals Case Study

    oratory and writing skills to address the inhumane conditions that African Americans faced in the United States. Indeed, African Americans and minorities still face a great deal of discrimination and injustices in American society. In particular, data and statistics reveal a historic trend of dehumanizing African American students in their pursuit of an education. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), African American students often score lower than their White…

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